Managed Database for Redis®

Fully managed Redis®* in seconds.
Accelerate your web application with powerful caching.

Easily improve your speed and latency

Boost the performance and scalability of your applications with a powerful and managed in-memory caching solution.

A managed caching service in a few clicks

Stay focused on your core values: we handle the mundane tasks like updates, setup, and settings.

Open-source and managed by Scaleway

Keep your customers’ data in Europe with open-source solutions hosted in our regions in Paris, Amsterdam, and Warsaw.

*Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by Scaleway is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and Scaleway.

Be faster than your competitors with Scaleway

Internal testing conducted by Scaleway in September 2022, in a stress test scenario, monitoring Ops/sec for the case of 50 clients over four threads testing GET and SET requests, on a ratio of 1 to 10 for 32 Bytes objects with Redis®.

Launch Managed Database for Redis®

Engineered for performance

The caching power of Redis®

Leverage our in-memory Managed Database for Redis® to store copies of your most frequently used data, like user data, sessions, and API responses.

Horizontal and vertical upscaling made easy

Your production environments can benefit from of our high availability and managed clusters with 3 to 6 nodes. Scale up horizontally or vertically in just a few clicks.

Integrated and automated

Easily integrate your workflow and Cloud products such as Private Networks. Compatible with Scaleway's Terraform provider plugin validated by HashiCorp.

Popular use cases

Help your databases scale by reducing the number of requests and operation burden.

Managed Database for Redis® allows you to store copies of your most frequently used data, such as user data, sessions, and API responses.

Store non-durable datasets and sessions in memory with milliseconds latency.