This program is designed for startups who share our values and entrepreneurial DNA.

We know what it takes to build and scale a startup. Scaleway started small and has become an established full-stack cloud solution provider, with thousands of customers in over 160 countries.

Since our story started, times have changed. It’s no longer just about capital, product-market fit, velocity and scale. The digital world we are building will be more demanding than ever and is under close scrutiny by all stakeholders, clients, investors and regulators alike.

To retain talent, startups now need to align their values with those of their clients. Accordingly, you need to be very deliberate in the companies and tools you choose to work with. You need partnerships more than just providers.

We believe we are a uniquely positioned Infrastucture-as-a-Service provider with an array of competitive solutions that will enable you to deploy your own products, apps and businesses. We’ve combined an entrepreneurial DNA and our profoundly European roots with the size and agility to make us an ideal partner to power your company’s growth.

We are looking to help the best startups grow and thrive by giving them the means and resources to rapidly scale. I am personally looking forward to receiving your application to see if there is a match!

Yann Lechelle, CEO


Dedicated Program Lead & experts
  • 1 partnership initiation appointment with your Program Lead
  • 1 initial technical call with a Cloud Solution Architect
  • 1 quarterly checkpoint (consumption, architecture, marketing…) with your Program Lead
  • Up to 4 consultations with selected experts (architect, product & marketing specialists…)
Visibility & awareness
  • Inclusion on our website (logo, short presentation)
  • Invitation to be featured on our startup podcast series
  • Featuring on our social network postings (50k followers on social networks and growing)
  • Eligibility to be featured in our use cases, testimonials, white papers, webinars, trade shows…
Cloud Resource
  • €36,000 worth cloud credits given in 12 €3,000 monthly installments
  • To be spent on any public cloud products (Scaleway Elements)
  • Can be used for 24x7x365 Pro Assistance
Access to a global community & exclusive content
  • #startups dedicated Slack channel
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Podcasts & webinars
  • Startup-related events



Three steps: submit your application before 15th of each month and we’ll get back to you within two weeks. If you’re selected, we’ll open the gate.

3 ways to shine

  • Your project is promising despite limited funding and has immediate infrastructure needs
  • Your use case ideally showcases how to best benefit from our compute platforms as well as our multicloud products
  • Your project is so attractive that it actually makes us want to use it for ourselves ?

3 possible outcomes

  • You are selected, we will contact you shortly so you can get started with your credit
  • You are wait-listed, we schedule your application for a future committee session
  • You are not selected, we let you know why by providing constructive feedback

3 ways to be rejected

  • You are “just” looking for cloud credit – sorry but we’re not trying to be like the others…
  • You are break even and already on your way to Mars with plenty of fuel – we say congrats! Do not hesitate to contact our teams to scale your project
  • Your application gives us too little information to make our assessment – it’s a two-way partnership





Deploy all public cloud Elements you need in a few clicks and support your business wherever it may take you. No tricks, no lock-in, no hidden costs. Simple, effective and viable.


Adjust your resource consumption anytime. Resize your infrastructure according to your needs. Our technical assistance will be right beside you as you scale up.


Our support goes beyond technical issues and troubleshooting. Get the most of Scaleway’s collective intelligence to strengthen your project and feel at ease.


You’re not alone in this quest. Interact with your peers and get inspired by their success. Use cases, testimonials, demos, campaigns. Raise trust, not funds.



“Scaleway has enabled us to grow rapidly by providing our entire cloud infrastructure needs, without breaking the bank. Now we can focus on our business operations & logistics, knowing our back-end has access to Scaleway’s powerful solutions at a more than reasonable pricing model. Scaleway’s Startup Program has empowered Cinebur by enabling us to focus on our early stage growth, while keeping peace of mind with regard to our back-end. With access to powerful cloud-native technologies, masterclasses, and a supportive community, Cinebur feels more confident than ever in its mission to save cinema.”

Doddi El-gabry, Co-founder & CEO, Cinebur



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scaleway Startup Program?

The Scaleway Startup Program is a time-limited cloud computing partnership program designed for startups. Effortlessly power up your business offerings thanks to our public cloud infrastructure combined with technical assistance, resources, advisory and advertising. Leverage our experts and channels to ensure a smooth take off.

Who can apply to the Scaleway Startup Program?

Any startup is welcome to apply regardless of vertical. The Scaleway Startup Program has to mean more than just a financial boost to you. We need startups who want to change the world and need our infrastructure to do it. Our admission committee reviews applications each month, so it’s never too late to apply as it’s on a rolling admission basis.

How long does the Scaleway Startup Program last?

The program end date is scheduled exactly 12 months after we invite you in. For instance, if you submit your application before June 15th and get selected, then the Program runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. Periodically, we will sit together and review your consumption and plan all necessary adjustments ahead of time.

How can I benefit the most from Scaleway Startup Program?

Program value goes beyond mere finances, though 36000€ worth of cloud credit should help. Pick any item from our simple, powerful and European public cloud infrastructure product range. Our technical engineers and experts are close by to help you ensure that your architecture remains robust and flexible. Your peers and partners are also part of our startup community. We will help you move forward with a community by your side that you can rely on.

How much does it cost to enter the program?

Absolutely nothing as the cloud credit is on us. As your business grows and if you like us so much that your consumption exceeds the amount of your vouchers, the difference will be on you. That’s about it. Our cost-effectiveness should prove helpful though, pretty quickly. Your investors will appreciate that. All you have to do is take that chance, succeed with us, and be willing to tell the story. Together.

Where do I go for more information before joining?

Please contact us by email at startup-program@scaleway.com and someone in our team will assist you.