Object Storage

Scalable, fast and reliable S3-compatible storage platform for your data.

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Object Storage Pricing

Launch Pack

First 500 GB of storage
First 500 GB of outgoing transfer

Cruise Speed

Extra GB of storage
Extra GB of outgoing transfer

Object Storage Features

Compatible with S3 standard
Easy to integrate RESTful API
Infinite & scalable storage
Unlimited Internet bandwith
Transparent & cost-effective pricing
Free transit to Scaleway infrastructure
Free incoming transfer
User Data illustration
99.999 % redundancy & protection
99.9 % availability
Images illustration
Anti DDoS protection
ACL right management
Bucket versioning

Object Storage at Scaleway

Store, distribute and manage your data with ease.

Object Storage is a cloud storage service based on a data storage architecture that lets you easily host and distribute your files anywhere in the world in no time. Data are gathered in storage pools called buckets and can be enriched with custom metadata. Object Storage allows you to store anything from backups, logs and web assets to documents and photos. Files can be dropped from the new Scaleway console or transferred through our API or using any S3-compatible tool.

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Flexible and Powerful Object Storage Platform


Always Available

We ensure data persistence with replication mechanisms on all your files and guarantee a 99.9 % availability on your objects.



Data are transferred over SSL, ACL policies specify object access rights, files are versioned and servers are protected against DDoS attacks.



There is no restriction on storage capacity. The platform dynamically scales up or down and fits your volume and types of data.



The platform offers a first package of 500 GB for €5 per month. Pricing is then based on the storage and outbound transfer you use. Incoming and internal transfers are totally free.



Object Storage API is S3-compatible. It means you can use it with any Amazon S3-compatible tool. CLIs, SDKs and cloud storage browsers.


Easy to Use

Access and manage your files from anywhere using Scaleway new console, our RESTful API or software integrations.

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Store and access your files anywhere at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Object Storage?

The service is accessible through our console for simple operations.
We provide an S3-compatible API for programmatic access or for usage with any compatible software.

Is Object Storage available in all regions?

Yes, the service is available in our Paris, France (PAR-FR) and Amsterdam, The Netherlands (AMS-NL) region.

Which S3 operations are supported?

We currently support a subset of S3 operations. The exhaustive list is available on the S3 Object Storage API page.

How much data can I store?

There is no limit on the total volume of data of a bucket, or the number of objects it can contain. However, the bucket might slow down with a very large number of objects (more than 500,000).

How am I billed for Object Storage?

The Object Storage service is starting at €5 per month, offering 500 GB storage and 500 GB outgoing data transfer. Additional storage is billed at €0.01/GB.

How much is the bandwidth?

Internal and incoming network traffic is free, outgoing data transfer to the Internet is billed at €0.02/GB.