Object Storage

S3-compatible and multi-AZ redundant object storage service.
Ensuring high availability for your data.

Designed for multi cloud interoperability

S3-compatible and powered by Open Source, our service is natively interoperable. Migrate your data easily to and from multiple cloud providers. Leverage widely-used storage solutions like Veeam and ATEMPO.

High Availability and multi-AZ replication

Keeps your objects resilient and available in the rare event of any accident or disaster resulting in a complete loss of an AZ, such as fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, network failures, etc.

A trustworthy service for European sovereignty

Keep your customers’ data in Europe within our regions in Paris, Amsterdam or Warsaw. Built entirely on a Scaleway-designed technical stack, we guarantee true sovereignty from the infrastructure to the software level.

Technical Specifications

  • Data availability99.99%

  • Data durability99.999999999%

  • Storage typesNVMe SSD, SSD & HDD

  • Network infrastructureUp to 100Gbp/s output

  • Clients supportedAWS CLI, s3cmd, s3fs, etc.

  • Data protectionErasure coding 6+3

  • S3 Compatible APIWith 14 features S3-compatible

  • Free tier75GB of One-Zone storage + 75GB of free egress

Object Storage use cases

File storage and distribution

Store very large amounts of unstructured data with only a unique ID. Access static content & customizable metadata - photos, videos, text files, HTML and CSS web pages - quickly using a standard HTTP API. Share files easily with a public URL.

Solid features, reliable infrastructure

All the S3 features your teams know and need

S3 Multipart upload feature, S3 lifecycle management features, Bucket versioning, Object tagging, ACLs…
Our S3-compatible API is compatible with 14 features and sub-features, allowing you to work more easily between different cloud operators.

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Ready to build real failure management strategy

From a datacenter fire to a ransomware intrusion, you can backup, build decentralized infrastructures, or even share data between different AZ, regions or even Cloud providers. Build disaster recovery strategy and implement failure management easily, at a fraction of a cost.

Exclusive European multi-AZ redundancy

Our Multi-AZ storage class, unique for a European cloud provider, allows you to replicate you data across three independent Availability Zones in the Paris region, which keeps it resilient against the total loss of one AZ in the event of an accident or disaster.

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Spend less and reduce pricing complexity

Our pricing is simple and predictable: you only pay for the storage you need, without API or console requests fees. Egress cost is fair and scalable: the first 75GB of outgoing data transfer are included, and is then fairly billed to let you scale.

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Our benefits

24/7 Live chat support

Our technical assistance is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and assist you.

Enriched experience

We offer a new experience with API access, Linux distributions, an intuitive console, and Terraform.

Easy-to-use console

Our user interface was created with developers in mind. To give you the best & fun experience managing your cloud projects.

True cloud ecosystem

Our cloud products are designed & built to work together, offering you a seamless, world-class cloud experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Scaleway Object Storage uses Erasure Code 6+3 to secure your data. With the One Zone - IA (Infrequent Access) class, the data is distributed across three different racks inside the same data center. In case one rack becomes unavailable, we are still able to rebuild your data. This storage class is a good choice for storing secondary backup copies or easily recreatable data. It can also be integrated into your lifecycle management rules, along with the Standard and Glacier classes. In PAR, your data is distributed across different Availability Zones (AZ). In case of DC failure we would still be able to rebuild your data and it would still be accessible. With the Multi-AZ Standard class in PAR, your data is stored across three different AZs. Standard class in AMS and WAW currently allows you to store data in one AZ. We aim to make the Multi-AZ Standard class available in all regions by 2022/2023.

You can monitor your Object Storage consumption directly from the Scaleway console. Metrics such as storage and bucket usage help you estimate your consumption.

Object Storage supports multipart upload. We recommend uploading by chunks, in a limit of 1000 chunks per upload and 5TB per object.

You can access your files via HTTPS by creating a public link from the control panel. Click on the file name and enable the public link by clicking on the corresponding button.

The Object Storage service was not designed to be used as a CDN, it is not fine-tuned for this kind of usage. We do not recommend it. You can still use Object Storage as a backend for a CDN. All you need is to put a caching layer in front of it.