Object Storage

Scalable, fast and reliable S3-compatible storage platform for your data.

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Launch pack


per month

Compatible with S3 Standard

Use all APIs and software tools compatible with S3 instantly

Infinite & Scalable

No worries about storage size or bandwidth bottlenecks!

Transparent & Cost Effective

Free transit to Scaleway and Dedibox infrastructures
Free incoming transfer

Use Cases for Object Storage

Media & web assets

Media & Assets

Store all static assets (videos, images, heavy files) on our S3-compatible Object Storage.

Logs & backups

Logs & Backups

Keep all your logs in a central, reliable, location and never worry about data retention policies.

Big data

Big Data & Large Datasets

Store your data sets (images, trained models, videos).

Simple Pricing

Object Storage has a simple pricing composed of a launch pack at €5/month and a cruise speed pricing invoiced on a per-use basis. Incoming and internal transfers are free and unlimited.



Outgoing transfer



Object Storage

500 GB

then €0.01/GB

500 GB

then €0.02/GB

500 GB

then €0.01/GB


Prices before tax

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