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Object Storage

Save up to 80 % on your storage invoice

75 GB


then €0.01/GB
stored or transferred

Our 20 years of experience has enabled us to make Scaleway Object Storage a pillar of our Scaleway Elements cloud ecosystem.

It was designed around three essential principles:

  • Today, innovation is at the heart of your applications, and the amount of data handled on a daily basis are constantly increasing.
  • In the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, each byte of data represents an enormous potential for your company.
  • Consuming and storing unstructured data has become a common practice.

Scaleway Object Storage is a universal solution that fits all types of use cases regardless of volume or usage

Value for Money

From a few gigabytes to several exabytes, Scaleway Object Storage is a universal solution that fits all size of use cases, regardless of volume or usage. Almost eight times more affordable than the market’s leading solutions, our pricing model is simplified and highly predictable: the first 75 GB are included for free. Beyond that, each gigabyte is invoiced hourly, without a minimum charge! API requests, incoming traffic and internal traffic are not charged.

High Performance

Object Storage offers excellent performance, no matter the traffic on your objects. From a few Mbit/s to several tens of Gbit/s of traffic, our intelligent algorithm optimizes the distribution of your data in real time for optimal use!


Specially designed to offer a durability of more than 99.999999999 % and an availability of 99.99 %, the replication and parity mechanisms we use to secure our data are among the most advanced on the market. In addition, our datacenters are equipped with the latest security technologies and are ISO27001 and HDS certified.


In the age of multicloud, adopting a market standard is the key to accelerate your developments and to be integrated into an increasingly open and interoperable ecosystem. No specific API, no Swift API, no specific development is required: our API integration and S3-compatibility allows us to cover the majority of our customers’ use cases. Object Storage is compatible with the major applications like Veeam or Atempo.

Sovereignty & Auditability

Stored in the region of your choice, your data are protected by the French law and is not subject to American or Asian extraterritorial laws.


Our Object Storage product comes with a wide range of features including public or private restriction, versioning, lifecycle, management of rights by ACL, CNAME, CORS and more. We regularly add new features that you can benefit from immediately.

Storage Price


Monthly price

First step up to 75 GB


0€ per GB

From 75 GB to 499 TB

0,01 € per GB

More than 500 TB

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Prices before tax

Traffic Price

Traffic source

Monthly price

Incoming traffic

0 € per GB

Internal outgoing traffic

to other Elements products in the same region

0 € per GB

External outgoing traffic

First step up to 75 GB


0 € per GB

External outgoing traffic

From 75GB to 499TB

0.01 € per GB/month

External outgoing traffic

above 500 TB

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Prices before tax

Use Cases

Media & Assets

Scaleway’s Object Storage allows you to store all your static assets: videos, audio, images, Javascript, CSS, large files... Our Object Storage is accessible via the Scaleway Console, the API, as well as any S3 compatible tools. Make your data accessible to anyone, in public or private mode, with a single click or by API.

Logs & Backups

Keep all your logs in a reliable centralized location and never worry about data retention policies. Scaleway proposes a truly scalable, sustainable and secure environment to back up your critical data.

Big Data & Large Datasets

Simplify your big data projects with unlimited storage capacity. Take advantage of our secure and powerful environment, to manage all sizes of objects. Optimize your projects of streaming, images or trained models.

Object Storage is compatible with the market’s reference solutions

Innovative Brands Turn to Scaleway Elements Object Storage

SendGB Tells Us About Its Scaleway Experience

“We really experience the compelling benefits of Scaleway Cloud: the short delivery times of the services, their reliability and their ease of use. The technical team was also of a great support in setting up our solution on the Object Storage platform.” - Uğur Çakır, co-founder of SendGB

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