Object Storage

Cloud Storage Platform: Scalable, Quick & Reliable, Accessible by API & S3 Compatible

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First 75 GB

Storage: €0.01GB/month
Transfer: €0.01GB/month

A Unique Price Offer

We’re offering you the first 75 GB of storage!

Scalable, Performing & Secure

Simplify the access to your data for your Web projects, e-mailing campaigns and all your applications in public or private mode, without any limits!

Compatible with S3 Standard

  • Use every APIs and software tools built for S3
  • Easy migration and reversibility
  • Multicloud

API & Console

Directly from your console, download your data with a simple drag and drop, make your configurations in a few clicks and easily automate your requests by API.

Scaleway Object Storage Advantages

Media & web assets

Media & Assets

Scaleway's Object Storage allows you to store all your static assets: videos, audio, images, Javascript, CSS, large files... Our Object Storage is accessible via the Scaleway Console, the API, as well as any S3 compatible tools. You can make your data accessible to whomever, in public or private mode, with a single click or by API.

Logs & backups

Logs & Backups

Keep all your logs in a central, reliable, location and never worry about data retention policies.

Big data

Big Data & Large Datasets

Simplify your Big Data projects with unlimited storage capacity. Take advantage of our secure and powerful environment, to manage all sizes of objects. Optimize your projects of streaming, images or trained models.

The First 75 GB Storage are offered!

Create your Object Storage bucket in a few minutes. Up to 75 GB of storage offered, afterward it is €0.01/GB/month of storage and outgoing transfer. Beyond 100 TB, contact us.



Outgoing transfer (same area & Internet)

Set-up fees

Object Storage

Up to 75GB offered

then €0.01/GB/month

Up to 75GB offered

then €0.01/GB/month. Free in the same area


Prices before tax.

Customer Success Story


SendGB tells us about its Scaleway Experience

“We really experience the compelling benefits of Scaleway Cloud: the short delivery times of the services, their reliability and their ease of use. The technical team was also of a great support in setting up our solution on the Object Storage platform.” - Uğur Çakır, co-founder of SendGB

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