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  • Managed web hosting market expected growth is from 223 Billion in 2020 to 329.1 Billion by 2025.

    According to a comprehensive report by Allied Market Research, the web hosting industry is growing due to the increase in SME such as startups, creating their online presence. These businesses often require managed solutions and head towards web hosting providers for services such as email setup, website development, backup, security and more. The demand for managed web hosting is expected to grow continuously in the future.

What are your main challenges when you want to launch a website?

1. Manage and secure the web server

Typical use case:
Many organisations and individuals find that operating a website requires developing technical skills such as coding, database management, and server administration. Alternatively, they may need to hire someone to manage their website server and performance, which can be costly.

Typical website hosting pricing cost

Scaleway estimation

Domains & DNS - .fr or .com or .eu - €10 per year

Web Hosting Personal - 1GB - 2 cores 50 GB disk space - €8.99

Total for 1 month: €9.82

Discover our Web Hosting offers

Scaleway Web Hosting offers a managed, simple, scalable, and secure solution to create, deploy, update your business website at your own pace. No need to have a technical IT team dedicated to manage the hosting, we take care of it.
Let's take a look at Web Hosting offers we propose to support your needs.

ProductSome key featuresPerfectly made for
LiteEmail account: 1 x 5GB
vCPU: 1 core
Disk space: 10 GB SSD
Deploy a first website
PersonalEmail accounts: 2 x 5GB
vCPU: 2 cores
Disk space: 50 GB SSD
Get started fast
ProfessionalEmail accounts: 10 x 5GB
vCPU: 4 cores
Disk space: 100 GB SSD
Increase processing power
EcommerceEmail accounts: 25 x 5GB
vCPU: 8 cores
Disk space: 250 GB SSD
Master power and speed for online businesses
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