L4 GPU Instance

Maximize your AI infrastructure's potential with a versatile and cost-effective GPU Instance

Versatile usage

Leveraging efficient and fast image and video decoding, rendering, as well as Deep Learning model training and inference, the L4 GPU Instance covers a versatile range of needs.

Affordability without compromise

Offering a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced GPUs, the L4 GPU Instance achieves solid performance without burdening restricted budgets, enabling startups and small-scale projects.

AI Video Excellence

L4 GPU Instance delivers excellent video generation, decoding, and pre-post processing, empowering industries like fashion, architecture, gaming, and advertising with coherent visual content creation.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 2
Warsaw:WAW 2

L4 GPU technical specifications

  • GPUNVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU

  • GPU Memory24GB GDDR6 (300 GB/s)

  • Processor8 vCPUs AMD EPYC 7413

  • Processor frequency2.65 Ghz

  • Memory48 GB of RAM

  • Memory typeDDR4

  • Network Bandwidth2.5 Gbps

  • StorageBlock Storage

  • CoresTensor Cores 4th generation RT Cores 3rd generation

  • Ideal use cases with the L4 GPU Instance

    Accelerate Image and video generation affordably

    If you’ve put a text-to-image model in production, and you’re looking to optimize the cost of you’re infrastructure but not at the cost of performance. L4 Instance GPU is a serious candidate.

    L4 GPU Instance generates a 256x256px image in 14445.1 pixel/second

    • It’s 56% faster than with a Render Instance (9278.3 pixel/second)
    • It’s 6,3% faster than with a T4 GPU Instance (13583.3 pixel/second)
    • It’s 8.5% faster than with a V100 PCIe GPU (16G) Instance (13314.6 pixel/second)
    • It’s 8,2% faster than with a V100 SXM2 GPU (16G) Instance (13348.8 pixel/second)
    • And almost as fast as A100 SXM 40GB (-1,6%) (14681.1pixel/second)

    And with 50 percent more memory capacity, L4 enables larger image generation, up to 1024x768, which wasn’t possible on the previous GPU generation (T4)

    Source: Model tested InvokeAI a popular open-source framework for image generation and modifications. On top of it Cloud Mercato created invokeai-benchmark, a handy tool make our tests and methodology more easily reproducible.

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