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Welcome to Scaleway, a company as unique as you.

  • Welcome to Scaleway, a company as unique as you are.
    Scaleway is a rapidly growing enterprise driven by a strong sense of community.

    Passionate about innovation, we are committed to providing a unique experience to both our customers and employees through ambitious projects, such as the deployment of our supercomputers dedicated to artificial intelligence.

    Scalers are leaders who strive for excellence in each of their missions. Through six strong values, everyone contributes to the overall success.
    Joining Scaleway doesn't just mean joining a new company; it means becoming part of a new adventure and committing to shaping the future of the European technology industry.

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Our values

  • S C A L E R


    We are all unique individuals, and so are our teams. This diversity is the strength that fuels our adventure and shapes our story.


    Together, we express ourselves and work with passion and respect in the same direction, towards the same goal.


    Scaleway is an ambitious technical challenge. We are adventurers, we embrace innovation.


    Every day, we draw inspiration from our peers and guide our colleagues whenever we can. As Scalers, we positively influence each other in the pursuit of Scaleway's goals.


    We are our own users, and we aspire to be the cloud of choice for our customers. Going above and beyond to meet our customers' needs will always be our priority.

    Rock Solid

    We work with pleasure, in a spirit of mutual support and collaboration. We share our skills and consistently support each other.

Scaleway Perks

Scaleway proposes:

  • Unique and immersive office spaces with creative designs (Paris 8 and Old Lille)
  • Breakfasts
  • Company restaurant or meal vouchers (Swile)
  • Employee share ownership plan at Iliad
  • Referral bonus
  • €50 discount on your monthly Freebox subscription (for Scalers with at least 6 months of tenure at Scaleway)
  • Gym and fitness classes with a coach
  • 360 Learning
  • Employee benefits through the Employee Works Council (CSE)
  • Creche places
  • Possibility of up to 3 days per week of remote working after the validation of the trial period