Serverless SQL Database

Experience an easy PostgreSQL database that adapts automatically to your traffic.

No query, no bill

Benefit from automatic upscale and downscale of your database computing power with zero cost when not in use. Our Serverless SQL Database adapts to your usage patterns within minutes. Storage is also billed based on your cloud consumption.

Focus on data, not database tuning

Leave the configuration and management to us so you can concentrate on your data. By default, our Serverless SQL Database offers high availability and frequent backups. Your time is freed up to work on application design, business logic, and development while we take care of database management.

Ensure data sovereignty

Keep your data in Europe with our regions in Paris, Amsterdam, and Warsaw. Built entirely on a Scaleway-designed technical stack, backed by our multi-cloud tools and infrastructure, we guarantee true sovereignty from the infrastructure to the software level.

What is Serverless SQL Database?

Serverless SQL Database allows developers to query a database without worrying about managing the infrastructure that supports it.

Popular use cases

Web application

Focus on your application features without over-provisioning database capacity for peak usage.

Key features

Usage-based pricing

Only pay for the vCPU you use and the GB you store. You can even define minimum and maximum scalability thresholds for better cost control.


We scale your database up and down based on its workload, so that your application will keep running even when all your users connect at the same time.

Standard PostgreSQL

No need to refactor: your existing applications based on PostgreSQL are already compatible with Serverless SQL Database.

High availability

We provide a default high-availability target and ensure your data is automatically backed up regularly on a different Availability Zone.

Fully managed

We handle setup, configuration, patching, and performance optimization to free you from infrastructure management and let you focus on what matters.

Built for Serverless

We ensure efficient compatibility with Serverless Functions and Containers, so that thousands of functions can connect concurrently to your database.

Frequently asked questions

Serverless SQL Database is fully compatible with PostgreSQL connections. You can access it using your favorite PostgreSQL client or your favorite language drivers through credentials or connection string login. Serverless SQL Database can be configured to only accept specific IP ranges. The option to restrict access to your Scaleway private network will be added in the future.

You can define minimum and maximum scalability thresholds so you never exceed your budget because of connection peaks or highly demanding requests.
Your exact workload and provisioned capacity over time is available directly in Observability dashboards.

When the database is in idle state and receives new requests, it automatically wakes up in a few seconds.
Thus, You don't need to modify API or connection timeout durations in your code to handle these cases.
Your first end users connecting after a long time won't notice the difference either.

Yes, you can use Serverless SQL Database as a database for any tool compatible with PostgreSQL.
If you need to set up multiple databases automatically, depending on the provided setup instructions, you might need to use Terraform or perform manual creations from the Console instead (e.g. scripts using SQL instructions such as “CREATE DATABASE” might not work)