Serverless SQL Database

Go full serverless and take the complexity out of PostgreSQL database operations.

You shouldn't have to adapt to your databases

They don't scale at the same time as your business

Unexpected changes in your workloads happen, but they shouldn't impact your database's performance - nor should it alter your customers' experience.

And distract your teams from their core activities

Teams spend more time managing databases' sizes and bottlenecks, or fearing to reach maximum capacity that would cause service disruption - instead of data collection and analysis.

Costing you more than you signed up for

Ultimately, your database is costing you more than it should - including in overhead.

Go serverless and get the most out of your database without any headache

Less is more: our Serverless SQL Database is fully managed and automatically adapts to your needs - giving your teams the time back to focus on application design and development.

Move faster with a database that keeps up

Our database automatically scales up or down, all the way to zero, adapting to fluctuations in your workloads - without impacting performance or disrupting the user experience.

Control your costs - no query, no bill

No more hidden fees: only pay for what you store and consume, reducing operational overhead and database costs.

Without compromising on reliability nor security

Your data is automatically and regularly backed up in Europe, preventing data loss and increasing the reliability of the service you provide.

Popular use cases

Web application

Focus on your application features without over-provisioning database capacity for peak usage.

Key features and capabilities


We scale your database up and down to zero, both in storage and compute, based on your workloads, so that your applications keep on running, even with multiple concurrent users.

Usage-based pricing

Only pay for the vCPU you use and the GB you store. You can also define minimum and maximum scalability thresholds for better cost control.

Standard PostgreSQL

We use a language your developers are already familiar with, ensuring at the same time compatibility with your PostgreSQL-based applications.

High availability

We provide high availability by design and ensure your data is automatically backed up regularly on a different Availability Zone.

Built for Serverless

We ensure compatibility with Serverless Functions and Containers, so that thousands of functions can connect concurrently to your database.

Ease of management

We handle the set-up, configuration, patching, and performance optimization of your database so that your teams can spend more time on building, and less on infrastructure management.