Apple Mac mini M1

Enjoy on-demand Mac compute power supercharged by the Apple M1 chip for €0.11/hour

Quick activation

Launch your Mac mini in less than 300 seconds.

Fully native macOS Sonoma experience

Offer the best experience to your Mac, iPhone and iPad users with VNC, the remote desktop-sharing protocol, that enables you to visualize the interface of a macOS Sonoma 14 desktop.

Lightning fast CI-CD for iOS and macOS

Compute more and burn less to build, test and share your iOS and macOS applications with your users.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 3

Technical specifications

  • CPUApple M1 chip. 8-core CPU. 8-core GPU. 16-core Neural Engine.

  • Memory8GB LPDDR4.

  • Storage256GB.

  • Disk typeSSD.

  • Bandwidth1 Gbps.

  • OSmacOS Sonoma 14.

  • Develop, build, and test applications for iOS & macOS

    Lightning fast CI-CD anywhere, anytime

    Available whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy fast CI-CD for iOS and macOS thanks to an excellent latency from Europe.

    Scaleway's cloud ecosystem

    Seamlessly integrated to Scaleway's Software Development Kit.

    State-of-the-art data center facilities

    Your Mac mini is located in an ultra-secure, former nuclear fallout shelter 25 meters under Paris.

    Machine Learning powerhouse

    Mac mini M1 uses an advanced neural engine for up to 15x faster Machine Learning. Try this innovative energy efficient computing. Compute more, burn less.

    Remote desktop

    Connect directly with VNC (screen sharing app) or SSH. Low latency, high frame rate.


    Fully native macOS Sonoma 14 experience.