Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Build high performing, AI-enabled solutions for your business

Unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence and securing your place as a pioneer in your industry requires you to build an application that meets your challenges and ensures the integrated use of AI, tailored to the challenge of your specific business.
This requires data engineers, data scientists, Machine Learning engineers, data governance managers and business stakeholders to work hand in hand to complete the Machine Learning lifecycle and ensure the right data lifecycle.

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Prepare your data environment

Transfer your data with Block Storage

A flexible and reliable storage solution for demanding workloads.

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Gather your data in Object Storage

Stores large amounts of unstructured data and allows you to distribute it instantly.

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Build managed Databases

Managed PostgreSQL and MySQL databases can scale up to 10TB in seconds!

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Create, train & fine-tune your model

Launch a dedicated AI Supercomputer

Powered by NVIDIA DGX H100 systems, the AI supercomputers deliver unmatched speed for AI training, equipped with cutting-edge technology, including NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, NVLink, and Quantum-2 InfiniBand network.

  • Nabu 2023, perfect for training LLMs and building the next generative AI models, with its 1,016 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs
  • Jero 2023, designed to train less complex models, with its 16 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs
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Leverage the right-sized GPU instance

Receive a first-hand access to Private beta of the H100 PCIe GPU Instance for up to 1513 TFLOPs (FP16)

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Scale your infrastructure with Containers

Manage your infrastructure according to your needs, with Kubernetes and Containers solutions, fully integrated into our ecosystem.
Deploy and manage containers quicker thanks to transferable data and backups stored in persistent Block Storage volumes.

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Deploy AI-enabled solutions into production

Production-Optimized Instances

Reliable, high-performance instances with dedicated vCPU for the most demanding workloads and mission-critical applications.

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Workload-Optimized Instances

Optimize your mission-critical applications and high-performance workloads with our secure, scalable virtual machines, equipped for high memory and compute demands.

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Why Scaleway?

Minimize your carbon footprint

Scaleway’s GPU products are initially available in DC5 (par2). With a PUE (Power User Effectiveness) of 1.15 (average is usually 1.6) this datacenter saves between 30% and 50% electricity compared to a conventional data center.

Keep sensitive data in Europe

As a leading European cloud service provider, Scaleway stores all its data in Europe, which means it is not subject to any extraterritorial legislation,
and fully compliant with the principles of the GDPR.
Data sovereignty, transparency and traceability are guaranteed when using our products.

Benefit from a complete Cloud Ecosystem

Scaleway offers a complete cloud ecosystem, spanning from robust IaaS products to adaptable storage solutions and comprehensive managed services. This versatility enables you to build a resilient and dynamic infrastructure that not only supports your entire Machine Learning lifecycle but also caters to a diverse range of developer needs.

Artificial Intelligence companies choose Scaleway

Scaleway's exceptional infrastructure and outstanding support have been instrumental in enabling us at Sentium Consulting to deliver innovative and high-performance solutions.
Henry Smith, CEO and Founder of Sentium Consulting

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  • Scaleway is a NVIDIA Elite Partner