Optimize your storage infrastructure

Adapt performance, security, and cost to each of your usages with cloud storage solutions.

  • Reduce your storage infrastructure costs by 40%

    "Replacing CapEx-based storage infrastructure with Storage-as-a-Service consumption models can reduce storage infrastructure costs by 40%."
    Beyond the financial opportunity, this evolution is becoming a prerequisite as the number of shipped bytes grows exponentially, with a "twenty-three times growth [expected] through 2030", reshaping data centers and IT operations.

    But… How?

    Source: Gartner

Three steps to tap into these opportunities

Analyse your costs

Analyse your current infrastructure's costs to determine which existing storage asset is worth cutting down on.

Identify your usage(s)

Each storage product corresponds to a specific usage. If you want to build an efficient storage infrastructure, you need to clearly understand what you need and why.

Choose the right partner

There are many providers on the market who can help you build your storage infrastructure in the cloud. But they do not all offer the same support, geographical coverage, or guarantees.

There is a solution for every use case

Optimise Instances

If you need compute power to build, test and launch an application, you can launch Instances, such as PLAY2, which require a minimum of Block Storage provisioning. The advantage of this type of storage is its persistence. When you turn off or delete one of your Instances, the block volume attached to it stays on and keeps the Instance's data. Thanks to this feature the volume will quickly transfer all stored data to the next Instance you turn on, making your building, testing or launching phase quicker.

👉 Discover more about Block Storage

How Scaleway helps you refine your storage infrastructure

High level of optimisation

  • Choose between a wide range of storage products, with various capacities and workload requirements tailored to all your use cases.
  • Benefit from business-critical vendor options such as backup, disaster recovery, etc.

European-only data sovereignty

  • Scaleway is a cloud provider that stores all its data in Europe, which means it is not subject to any extraterritorial legislation,
  • and fully compliant with the principles of the GDPR.

Cost control

  • Easily control your expenses with a predictable, usage-based pricing model (per GB/hour),
  • Save up to hundreds of thousands of euros by optimizing your storage asset costs to actual usage levels and thus minimise idle capacity.

Redundancy for more security

  • Scaleway's storage products include multi-AZ or multi-nodes data replications to protect your data and guarantee availability, even in case of a disk failure.