Betas & Previews

Public Beta

Public Beta products are ready to be tested by all customers. Public Beta products may not include all of the final product’s features.
Public Beta is the last stage of testing before a product is released in General Availability.
These products are intended to be used in test environments unless specified otherwise. The Public Beta phase lasts six months on average.

Scaleway’s Public Networks is integrating a new feature – a regional network for the customers of the PAR 1, PAR 2, and PAR 3 AZs.

You can now deploy your resources within the same private network between different AZs. Build secure and resilient applications by taking advantage of completely isolating your resources from the internet, and ensuring they are distributed securely and logically across our Paris data centers.

Let's connect to your account and start your first Regional Private Network

Our Managed Databases now support Private Networks, you can configure your own Layer-2 network with IPv4 addresses.

  • Isolate & protect your infrastructure and sensitive data from the public Internet.
  • Boost the performance of your application by reducing latency and increasing speed.
  • Secure the traffic between Databases and Instances within the Scaleway Ecosystem.

Scaleway Messaging & Queuing enables you to connect services without having to manage a message broker. Easily create new applications or port existing ones, using our managed message queuing services. During the Public Beta phase, we support SNS, SQS, and NATS protocols.


Discovery products are prototypical versions of a product. This phase aims to validate an idea and to prove there is interest in the product. During the Discovery phase, customers can be contacted by the Product team to ask them to share their thoughts on the product and to help with the development of the new solution.
Products in the Discovery phase are not guaranteed to be released. The duration of the Discovery phase may vary depending on the product.

The Managed MQ product will offer a message broker compatible with the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) protocol services and functionalities.

You will be able to handle many messaging use cases (direct queues, fanout, topic & headers) across your Cloud architecture.

Scaleway's infrastructure will manage the protocol to ensure availability, resilience and data persistence.

If you are using this type of products and would like to share your experience, please fill this form and we will contact you back.

Managed Document Database allows you to use a document database through a MongoDB® compatible API. Managed Document Database works with your existing applications, drivers or tools already compatible with MongoDB® without any need to refactor them.

With Managed Document Databases, we also handle failover, settings and backups administration to let you focus on building your application.

An API gateway acts as a reverse proxy to accept all API calls, aggregate the various services required to fulfil them, and return the appropriate result. On top of a reverse proxy, an API gateway may also provide additional capabilities to API developers such as:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Performance monitoring
  • Cache
  • Routing
  • Load balancing
  • Protocol translation

Serverless Database allows you to use a database without worrying about managing the infrastructure supporting it. It is best suited for Software-as-a-Service companies that need to guarantee availability to their users during peak traffic, without having to over-provision compute power.

Here are some of the key features of Serverless Database:

  • Fully managed (you don’t need to perform any maintenance operations)
  • Automatic and elastic scaling
  • Usage-based pricing

Direct Connect is a product of the VPC family, providing a dedicated link between a user’s network and their Private Networks.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) optimize content delivery for end users. Making the connection better for your content delivery, improving security and simplifying architecture.

Content Delivery Networks are a key feature for your ecosystem.

We have finished the discovery, we now have a direction to develop a first version.
We plan on building a set of Edge Services within our existing footprint starting by tackling the challenges around HTTP caching.
Please register to stay tuned on our next steps!

File storage allows you to keep data in an organized hierarchy of files and folders.
This hierarchy can be shared across a network, so multiple compute instances can work on the same collection of files

We would like to invite you to our Discovery phase, so that you can share your inputs, your needs, and expectations with us.