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Kubernetes Kapsule

Status: private beta

Kubernetes Kapsule provides you a simple way to deploy and manage your containerized applications in the cloud.
Relax and focus on your software stack while we take care of your clusters.

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Dedicated clusters
  • High Availability Control Plane
  • Automated cluster healing
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Status: private beta

Database provides fully-managed database instances, starting with PostgreSQL. The service lets you focus on development, rather than administration, configuration or fine-tuning. It comes with high-availability mode, data replication and automatic backups.

  • Fully-managed database
  • High-availability mode
  • Scalable storage
  • Automatic backup
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Bare Metal

Status: early access

New Bare Metal is the next generation of Bare Metal by Scaleway. Get your 100% dedicated hardware billed by the minute (Bare Metal as a Service).

This new Bare Metal brings you in Early stage:
  • 1x Intel Xeon E3-1240 v6 - 4 Cores 3,7GHz - RAM 32GB - 2x 256GB SSD in Soft RAID1
  • Distributions: Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian
  • KVMIP Remote access / Rescue Mode / Remote Boot from an ISO
  • DDOS protection
  • Many other upcoming features (for historical Dedibox transition) and wider range of 100% dedicated hardware
  • Limited quantity
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Container Registry

Status: private beta

Container registry is the ideal solution to store your images to easily manage the lifecycle of your platform.
Fully compatible with Docker CLI, use our container registry to push and pull your images in a DevOps context (versioning) or to build your CI/CD in a few clicks.

  • Managed registry
  • Data high availability (replication/erasure coding)
  • Public or private policies
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Optimized Scaleway API to accelerate your requests
  • Amsterdam and/or Paris datacenters
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IoT Station

Status: early access

Episode 1

IoT Station is a complete environment connecting thousands of devices and providing them scalable cloud resources.
This first part introduces the Hub, enabling secured device-to-device messaging with MQTT publish/subscribe protocol

  • Managed message broker
  • Managed, per device, security / certificates
  • Full MQTT protocol support (retained messages, QoS, …)
  • Available over Websockets as well
  • Usage metrics at hub/device levels

The next episode will allow your devices to interact with Scaleway Services.

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