Betas & Previews

Public Beta

Public Beta products are ready to be tested by all customers. Public Beta products may not include all of the final product’s features.
Public Beta is the last stage of testing before a product is released in General Availability.
These products are intended to be used in test environments unless specified otherwise. The Public Beta phase lasts six months on average.

Serverless Database allows you to use a database without worrying about managing the infrastructure supporting it. It is best suited for Software-as-a-Service companies that need to guarantee availability to their users during peak traffic, without having to over-provision compute power.

Here are some of the key features of Serverless Database:

  • Fully managed (you don’t need to perform any maintenance operations)
  • Automatic and elastic scaling
  • Usage-based pricing

Private Beta

Private Beta products are early versions of future products or features. This phase allows users to test, validate a product in development, and give feedback to the Product team.
Private Beta is limited to users selected by the Product Development team. Users can request access to the product via a form and the development team will grant access rights. The Private Beta stage usually lasts three to six months.

Enhance your cloud infrastructure security with Key Management Service, a service for strong encryption of your critical data. Key Management Service provides you with a central place to create, manage and use your cryptographic keys safely.

Partner with Scaleway as a co-creator by participating in the Beta testing phase of our product. Your insights are crucial to us. Your feedback will ensure the refinement of this product to its fullest potential!

Speed up data processing over very large volumes of data thanks to an Apache Spark managed solution.

Processing large datasets in a single processing unit -server or container- can be really tedious. Distributed Data Lab powered by Apache Spark accelerates the processing of large datasets by retrieving and distributing large amount of data automatically on multiple worker nodes so you can save hours of work and focus on extracting actionable insights faster!

Become a co-creator of this product alongside Scaleway by testing it in its Beta phase now. Subscribe if you're interested we'd love to hear your feedback to make this product as good as possible!

Experience the future of content delivery with the Scaleway Edge Services Private Beta – your chance to shape and enhance the performance and customization of your S3 buckets.

Benefit from a curated LLM solution answering all of your end-users' questions. This effective Inference platform will enable you to serve the last LLM effortlessly, without advanced MLops/Devops skills, as it will manage the LLM from optimization to deployment at scale.

The private beta is currently over subscribed. Register to the waiting list, be informed when public access begins!

We are enhancing our TEM (Transactional Email) product by incorporating webhooks, which allow you to receive real-time notifications about your email events. To refine this feature, we invite you to join our beta phase. Interested?

Sign up via this link and take part in shaping this solution!

Early Access

Optimise your cloud costs with Scaleway's Compute Savings Plan. By committing to a consistent level of resource usage over one, two or three years, you can benefit from discounts compared to pay-as-you-go pricing. This plan is designed to offer flexibility and profitability over the long term, so you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Join our private beta to experience these savings first-hand and help us refine the experience. We value your feedback and are here to help you every step of the way. Sign up now and take the first step towards smarter cloud spending!


Discovery products are prototypical versions of a product. This phase aims to validate an idea and to prove there is interest in the product. During the Discovery phase, customers can be contacted by the Product team to ask them to share their thoughts on the product and to help with the development of the new solution.
Products in the Discovery phase are not guaranteed to be released. The duration of the Discovery phase may vary depending on the product.

Get ready to supercharge your batch processing with the beta of Serverless Jobs with GPU support! Harness the unparalleled power of GPUs for faster, more efficient data processing, machine learning model training, and complex simulations. Imagine transforming your workloads, from rendering high-resolution videos to performing intricate scientific computations, all while optimizing costs and resource management. Join our beta program today and experience the future of high-performance computing with seamless integration and automation like never before.

Search Database allows you to index and query text content through an Elasticsearch® compatible API.

With Search Database, we also handle failover, settings and backups administration to let you focus on building your application.

Datawarehouse allows you to perform queries and analytics on structured datasets up to Petabytes scale without managing any infrastructure.
Datawarehouse works with SQL and Apache Spark™-compatible librairies, and can also be plugged in to data analysis and storage tools such as S3-compatible storage, Data visualisation & BI softwares or ETL tools.
With Datawarehouse, we also handle seamless scaling, failover, settings and backups administration to let you focus on building your application.

An API gateway acts as a reverse proxy to accept all API calls, aggregate the various services required to fulfil them, and return the appropriate result. On top of a reverse proxy, an API gateway may also provide additional capabilities to API developers such as:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Performance monitoring
  • Cache
  • Routing
  • Load balancing
  • Protocol translation

Direct Connect is a product of the VPC family, providing a dedicated link between a user’s network and their Private Networks.

File storage allows you to keep data in an organized hierarchy of files and folders.
This hierarchy can be shared across a network, so multiple compute instances can work on the same collection of files

We would like to invite you to our Discovery phase, so that you can share your inputs, your needs, and expectations with us.

Be informed of your environmental impact linked to your use of Scaleway products thanks to a simple and transparent tool to measure, understand and reduce your environmental footprint. This calculator allows you to meticulously monitor your environmental impact with full transparency on the impact of each stage of the life cycle of a Scaleway product.

Your participation grants exclusive early access to the beta release, enabling you to experience the tool firsthand and influence its development from the outset.

Are you interested in a Dedicated IP/Pool offer for sending emails?

We are looking for beta testers to refine this solution.

If you are intrigued by the idea of using a dedicated IP address and want to contribute to its development, sign up here: