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Public Beta

Kubernetes Kapsule

Kubernetes Kapsule offers a simple way to deploy and manage containerized applications in the cloud. Relax and focus on your software stack while we take care of your clusters.

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Dedicated clusters
  • High-availability control plane
  • Automated cluster healing
Public Beta

IoT Hub

IoT Hub provides messaging and cloud resources to connected devices. It provides secured device-to-device and device-to-cloud communications with MQTT publish/subscribe protocol. Device-to-cloud features message routes to database, function, object storage, ...

  • Managed message brokers
  • Managed security and certificates per device
  • Full MQTT protocol support (retained messages, quality of service…)
  • Per-device message filtering
  • Usage metrics at hub and device levels
Private Beta


You are looking for an environment to deploy your code easily. Our Serverless solutions allows you to focus on writing your code without worrying about managing the infrastructure that supports it:

  • Fully scalable
  • Python, Go, NodeJS or custom runtime
  • Docker container deployment
  • AWS Lambda compatibility
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Early Access


Domains is a combined service coupling domain name registration to the domain name system (DNS). You can efficiently purchase domains and configure their DNS records from a single environment. The service is available via API during early access. There is no simpler way to route end-users requests to your servers no matter if it is inside or outside Scaleway!

  • Managed and secured domain name system: zone, records, IPv6 compatibility.
  • Multiple TLDs domain name registration. During early access, one free domain name (one-year registration) among the following TLDs: .com, .net, .org and .fr.
  • Dynamic routing capabilities: balance traffic depending on resource health and more to come…
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Early Access

Cold Storage

Cold Storage will allow a safe & secure long-term archival storage in the Scaleway ecosystem.

Store & retrieve your data in an ultra secure datacenter via a simple API&compatible S3.

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Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is designed to group the Scaleway ecosystem into private networks. It will be possible to interconnect the different products and design a modular architecture.

In the discovery phase, you can register below and participate in its definition.

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AI Inference

AI Inference at Scale will allow anyone with a trained model to deploy it in Scaleway environment.

Whatever framework you’re using, no devops skills required, you will get an endpoint that scales. Currently in discovery phase, you can register below and participate in its definition.

For more information about AI inference, get in touch with us

Load Balancer Multicloud

With this new Load Balancer, you will be able to manage all your infrastructures in multicloud or hybrid configurations, without restriction!

This load balancer unlocks all the possibilities of multicloud design:

  • Multi Cloud Service Provider
  • Compatible with any external IP (hybrid)
  • High bandwidth
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