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Public Beta

Managed Databases with Private Networks

Our Managed Databases now support Private Networks, you can configure your own Layer-2 network with IPv4 addresses.

  • Isolate & protect your infrastructure and sensitive data from the public Internet.
  • Boost the performance of your application by reducing latency and increasing speed.
  • Secure the traffic between Databases and Instances within Scaleway Ecosystem.


Public Beta

Managed Databases with Block Storage

Our Managed Databases now support Block Storage. You can choose your node type, as well as your storage type between either local or block storage.

  • The storage space is no longer static and dependent on the size of your DB node.
  • The size of the Block Storage volume can be increased at any time up to 10TB.
Public Beta


The “projects” has been designed to help you organize your infrastructure and cloud services. Gather your resources around a specific project, customer, business application, and easily grant access to a dedicated team. During the private beta phase, the following features are available:

  • Project scoped SSH Keys
  • Project scoped API Keys
Private Beta

Smart Labeling

Smart Labeling is a managed data annotation platform for computer vision datasets. The first release is currently available in a free private Beta, with additional features (including auto pre-labeling and active learning) coming soon!

Early Access


Domains is a service to register domain name. You can efficiently buy domains. And the service is available via API during early access.

  • Multiple TLDs domain name registration.
  • One free domain name during early access (one-year registration) among the following TLDs: .com, .net, .org and .fr.

VPC Direct Connect

  • Direct Connect is a product of the VPC family, providing a dedicated link between a customer’s network and his Private Networks.

AI Inference

AI Inference at Scale will allow anyone with a trained model to deploy it in Scaleway environment.

Whatever framework you’re using, you will get an endpoint that scales, no devops skills required. AI Inference is currently in discovery phase, you can register below and help us shape the product.


CDN - Content Delivery Network

A CDN optimizes the content delivery to the end user. So the connection is better for your content delivery, it improves security and simplifies the architecture.

A Content delivery network is a key feature for our ecosystem. 

We would like to invite you to our Discovery phase, meaning sharing about your inputs, your needs and expectations.

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