Serverless Jobs

Easily run batches of tasks in the cloud.

Execute jobs and tasks in a simple way

Easily set the duration time and the compute performance requirement for your Jobs, and launch them within minutes. Whether tackling simple tasks or complex scenarios, focus on the execution without the hassle of managing the underlying infrastructure.

Benefit from a complete cloud environment

Integrated within our cloud ecosystem, you can create and manage Jobs that seamlessly interact with our suite of solutions including Managed Database, Storage, Compute, and other Serverless products. Enjoy the full potential of your cloud-based workflows.

Keep control of your Jobs

Specify your computing requirements, including memory and vCPU, for all your job needs. You can determine the level of performance you need and the pace you desire. This way, you retain full control over your costs.

What is Serverless Jobs?

Serverless Jobs is a fully managed solution that enables you to plan, schedule, queue and run batch processing workloads without worrying about provisioning and scaling.

Popular Use Cases

Transform, load, and normalize data from diverse sources and formats to simplify and ease all subsequent data-related operations.

Launch the training job as a background process by running code for training or creating a new model. Automate its deployment in a testing or production environment for seamless integration.

When a user uploads new content via a web interface, an automated Job is triggered. This job includes a range of tasks such as video encoding, audio transcoding, image manipulation, metadata extraction, and storage, depending on the service provided.

Key Features

Public Registry

Deploy jobs directly from a Docker image hosted on any public registry, including Docker Hub or Scaleway Registry

Flexible Job scheduling

Run jobs on your terms – at specific times, intervals, or on-demand. Trigger job execution in response to events. Discover additional use cases integrated with Scaleway Messaging & Queueing.

Managed by Scaleway

Leave infrastructure management and software updates to us. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing your job execution backend.

Scripting made easy

No need for a web server – just deploy a containerized script to launch your job.

Jobs parallelization

Accelerate the overall execution speed by running a large number of tasks simultaneously. Tailor computer resources to your specific needs.

Triggered by Scaleway API

Natively integrated into the Scaleway ecosystem, easily trigger your Jobs using the Scaleway API.