GPU Instances Pricing

Harness the speed and efficiency of Graphics Processing Units for parallelized workloads, making them perfect for rendering and AI projects.

GPU Instances

Our comprehensive lineup of NVIDIA GPUs, including P100 and H100, covers a wide range of computing needs.

NameCoresGPURAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
RENDER-S10 cores1 GPU42 GBNVMe Local Storage
or Block Storage on demand
1 Gbps€1.24/hour€891/month
GPU - 30708 cores1 GPU16 GBBlock Storage2.5 Gbps€0.98/hour€715/month
H100-1-80G24 cores1 GPU240 GBBlock Storage10 Gbps€2.52/hour€1839.6/month
H100-2-80G48 cores2 GPU480 GBBlock Storage20 Gbps€5.04/hour€3679/month
L4-1-24G8 cores1 GPU48 GBBlock Storage2.5 Gbps€0.75/hour€547.5/month
L4-2-24G16 cores2 GPU96 GBBlock Storage5 Gbps€1.5/hour€1095/month
32 cores4 GPU192 GBBlock Storage10 Gbps €3/hour~€2190/month
64 cores8 GPU384 GBBlock Storage20 Gbps €6/hour~€4380/month
8 cores1 GPU96 GB Block Storage 2.5 Gbps€1.4/hour~€1022/month
16 cores2 GPU192 GBBlock Storage 5 Gbps€2.8/hour~€2044/month
32 cores4 GPU384 GBBlock Storage 10 Gbps€5.6/hour~€4380/month
64 cores8 GPU768 GBBlock Storage 20 Gbps€11.2/hour~€8176/month