Scaleway Glacier

Our outstanding Cold Storage class to secure long-term object storage.
Ideal for deep archived data.

Engineered for advanced Data Recovery Plans

A durable object storage class designed for data archiving, legal documents or long-term backups.

Stored in an underground data-bunker in France

Stored in a former nuclear fallout shelter, your data is totally secure and isolated from all natural and technological risks.

Perfect your Object Storage lifecycle strategy

Scaleway Glacier is the Cold Storage class of our S3-compatible Object Storage, included in the lifecycle management.

Get the most out of Object Storage

The next step for compliance and advanced Data Recovery Plans

Perfect for heavy logs & backups of legal archives that you need to store on a long term, without frequent access or massive simultaneous retrieval.

A lower price for archive data that does not require immediate access

Transfering data to Scaleway Glacier is free of charge. You pay only for the storage and restore, with no minimum commitments.
Scaleway Glacier offers the lowest storage cost for archived data that you may need once or twice within a decade range, and if you are willing to accept 24 to 48 hour latencies to first byte.

Your data store in a databunker 25 meters under Paris

Our underground databunker provides storage that is protected from all known natural and technological risks and offers a level of security that is absolutely unique in the world.

Meet our databunker in Paris

Complete the lifecycle strategy of your data through a unique API

Scaleway Glacier supports most S3 lifecycle management features, allowing you to set up transition and expiration rules for your objects from all Object Storage classes: Multi-AZ, One-Zone IA and Glacier.

Cold Storage use cases

Store 8K ultra high definition footage or raw image data sets that don't require frequent access. Integrate Scaleway Glacier into your infrastructure so that files are restored on-demand on Object Storage Standard class to make downloading easier.

Archive logs and back-ups to Scaleway Glacier automatically using S3 lifecycle management features. Define an expiration date to keep control over your budget.

Archive highly restricted legal documents required by the law - contracts, accounting data, administrative documents or access logs. Stay compliant with GDPR and other local regulations without constant concerns over budget.