Environmental Leadership

Responsible sustainability

Scaleway is committed to limiting the environmental impact of the cloud, in line with parent company iliad Group's objective to reduce scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions by 90% by 2050 (vs. 2022). We innovate constantly to take our sector to new levels of sustainability, by offering responsible products and services which limit our clients' impact on the planet.

More on Group Iliad's 10 environmental commitments
  • Impact Report

    Every year, Scaleway reports transparently on key ESG indicators, covering our commitments to our People, to the Environment and to Society at large. Download our latest report to discover key indicators such as PUE+WUE (power and water usage effectiveness), CO2eq emissions (scopes 1, 2 & 3), hardware reuse, customer satisfaction ratings and staff diversity.

Scaleway's environmental commitments

  • Optimizing energy

    Since 2017, all data centers used by Scaleway rely 100% on renewable energy. And we do our utmost to use as little energy as possible. Our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) was 1.37 in 2023, well below the industry average (1.55) and with a minimum of 1.16. This minimum is obtained by DC5, one of Europe's most sustainable data centers (more details below). Furthermore, Scaleway uses free cooling - a natural alternative to air conditioning, data centers' biggest energy consumption source - since 2012.

  • Minimizing water consumption

    Whereas many cloud providers use millions of cubic meters of water in cooling towers to keep their servers from overheating, Scaleway is firmly opposed to this type of practice. This is one of the reasons our French data centers consumed only 4451m3 of water in 2022, or the equivalent of 37 French households.

  • Defending the circular economy

    With hardware representing three quarters of global digital emissions, Scaleway has a role to play in reducing the impact of its IT equipment. This is why 80% of our servers' components are reused, why we work to prolong their lifespans by up to 10 years (compared with 4-5 for the rest of the sector), and why Transformers and Nursery, our main hardware reconditioning programs, were industrialized in 2023.

  • Promoting responsible cloud products

    As any green IT strategy must apply accross the entire value chain - from datacenters to hardware and to code - Scaleway is proud to be a pioneer in state-of-the-art cloud products like Serverless or Kubernetes. These notably only consume energy when the user needs them (vs. being 'always on'). Furthermore, we're working to provide our clients with precise and real-time measurements of their cloud products' emissions, with a tailor-made environmental calculator.

Data centers: key indicators for 2023

Data centerPUEWUEPower sourceCooling system
DC2 PAR1 Paris1.4600.014100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)Chilled water system
DC3 PAR1 Paris1.3700.001100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)Indirect free cooling with a closed-circuit high-temperature chilled water system
DC4 Paris1.4400100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)EC (direct) with variable compressor (VRV)
DC5 PAR2 Paris1.160.214100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)Direct free cooling with adiabatic cooling
AMS1 Amsterdam1.3800.850100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)EC with hot water system in a closed circuit
AMS2 Amsterdam1.40NA100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)NA
AMS3 Amsterdam1.20NA100% wind or hydro - Guarantee of origin (GO)NA
WAW1 Warsaw1.510NA100% wind - Guarantee of origin (GO)Free-cooling, free-chilling & immersion systems
WAW2 Warsaw1.320NA100% wind - Guarantee of origin (GO)Free-cooling, free-chilling, immersion systems & air conditioning
WAW3 Warsaw1.430NA100% wind - Guarantee of origin (GO)Free-cooling, free-chilling & immersion systems
  • Why shift to Green IT?

    For Scaleway, sustainability counts across the whole stack, from data centers to hardware and from software to websites. And with the digital sector representing 4% of global emissions, there's never been a better time for engineers and developers to act. Our guide to Green IT explains how to reduce your IT infrastructure's impact in all these aspects, with exclusive figures, solutions and case studies.