European Sovereign Cloud

A trusted and innovative cloud solution chosen by governments, public & research institutions, and higher education establishments.

Cloud challenges for public sector

Maintaining Data Sovereignty and Security

Securing your applications and the data of your users, Scaleway gives you choice of your infrastructures’ locations, to guarantee your services’ sovereignty

Ensuring Reversibility and Interoperability

It’s easy to deploy or replicate your services from one cloud to another, thanks to our application interoperability and data reversibility, facilitated by the bandwidth integrated into our Instances, or through our use of open-source software.

Leading a Sustainable Digital Transition

We master the environmental impact of your digital services, and take action to develop a more sustainable and thoughtful digital ecosystem. Scaleway is committed to providing our customers with maximum visibility on key emissions data and resource usage - energy, water - so that you can meet all sustainability requirements.

Scaleway guides you towards a sovereign and trusted Cloud

  • 100% European Cloud

    All ten of Scaleway's data centers are located in Europe, including four in France. Our GDPR-compliant services remain beyond the reach of extraterritorial laws, ensuring the full sovereignty of your data and that of your clients. Scaleway offers the public sector a secure and sustainable cloud solution.

  • Scalability, Resilience, and Reliability

    The public sector requires cloud solutions that combine scalability, security and resilience. With our nine Availability Zones spread across three European regions (Paris, Amsterdam, and Warsaw), Scaleway offers full redundancy for your operations. Moreover, to better support you, our France-based in-house technical support teams are available 24/7.

  • Vendor Lock-In Free

    Scaleway frees you from dependency on a single provider and ensures the interoperability of your data and applications in the cloud.

Our solutions are available through UGAP

  • UGAP, the State's Public Procurement Directorate (DAE), and the Interministerial Directorate of Digital (DINUM) have chosen Capgemini as the lead contractor for its cloud computing market. Scaleway's Public Cloud services are easily and quickly accessible through the UGAP cloud market operated by Capgemini, streamlining your competitive procurement processes.
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The public sector trusts Scaleway

DINUM (The Interministerial Directorate of Digital)

Scaleway and DINUM worked, during France’s first Covid-related lockdown, on a videoconferencing solution intended to be used on a large scale by the various state services, and in particular by the Ministry of Education. This open source solution, based on BigBlueButton and hosted by Scaleway, eventually became known as the Webinaire de l’Etat (State Webinar). It has enabled tens of thousands of people to communicate, at any distance, to discuss, work and collaborate.

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Région Guadeloupe

“Scaleway allowed us to advance very quickly. Support teams are always available, either to allow us to unblock urgent situations, or to advise us on the latest innovations. It’s perfect; tailor-made for our needs.”
Henri Ferreira, Chargé de Projets Direction Générale, en charge de la Cyberdéfense et de l’Intelligence Territoriale, Région Guadeloupe (who moved his region’s infrastructure to Scaleway’s cloud in just 10 days, after it was hacked on-premise)

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Sorbonne University

“With Scaleway Instances, we’re able to scale effortlessly. For now, we can go up to 8,000 users. If the project goes well and if Greenlight is used to its maximum capacity, we’ll be able to reach our threshold and, if necessary, easily expand to a bigger infrastructure. Data protection is vitally important to the university: with this solution, we knew that our data was safe and that our faculty members and students were able to share data securely. What we have been able to achieve with BigBlueButton would not have been possible with a competing foreign cloud provider.”
Fabrice Moutte, CIO of Sorbonne University

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Scaleway provides a comprehensive range of cloud services, enabling public organizations to develop innovative AI solutions and advance their AI projects from start to finish. From data collection to model creation, and from infrastructure development to end-user delivery, all key steps are covered. And all data remains solely under European jurisdiction, protected by GDPR.