Our products ecosystem

Security and Identity

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The easiest way to safely collaborate in the cloud 

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Secret Manager

Protect your sensitive data across your cloud infrastructure.

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Serverless Functions

Experience an easy way to run your code on the cloud.

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Serverless Containers

Easily run containers on the cloud with a single command.

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Kubernetes Kapsule

An easy-to-use managed Kubernetes fully integrated into an ecosystem

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Kubernetes Kosmos

A unique way to launch pods

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Container Registry

An easy-to-use Docker repository.

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Object Storage

S3-compatible and multi-AZ redundant object storage service, ensuring high availability for your data.

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Scaleway Glacier

Our outstanding cold storage class to secure long-term object storage. Ideal for archiving & restoring mission-critical data.

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Block Storage

Flexible and efficient storage for demanding workloads.

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Managed Databases

Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Fully managed PostgreSQL and MySQL databases in seconds. Worry-free hosting for your most valuable assets.

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Managed Database for Redis™

Fully managed Redis™ databases in seconds. Worry-free caching for performance.

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Private Networks

Fast & secure data transfer inside your reliable infrastructure.

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Public Gateway

A single & secure entrance to your infrastructure.

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Load Balancer

Improve the performance of your services as you grow.

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Domains and DNS

Your personal domain name at the best price.

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Learning Instances

A tiny instance to test and host your personal projects on a cost-effective virtual machine and discover Scaleway’s ecosystem.

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Cost-Optimized Instances

A Cost-Optimized compute range that delivers the performance and reliability you need while minimizing your infrastructure costs.

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Production-Optimized Instances

Reliable, high-performance instances with dedicated vCPU for the most demanding workloads and mission-critical applications.

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GPU Render Instances

Dedicated Tesla P100s for all your Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence needs.

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GPU-3070 Instances

Powerful instance based on dedicated NVIDIA GPU with the best price/performance ratio.

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Bare Metal

Elastic Aluminium

Fully dedicated bare metal servers with native cloud integration, at the best price.

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Elastic Beryllium

Powerful, balanced and reliable servers for production-grade applications

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Elastic Lithium

Designed with huge local storage to keep, back up, and protect your data.

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Dedibox Start

The best choice for hosting your applications

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Dedibox Pro

Enhance the performance of your applications with our production-grade servers that offer the perfect balance of processing power, memory and storage

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Dedibox Core

Maximum performance in production

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Dedibox Store

The largest storage volumes.

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Mac mini M1

Dedicated Mac mini M1s, in the cloud.

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Managed Services

Web Hosting

Web hosting for individuals, professionals, and everyone in between.
Managed, simple, scalable, and secure.

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IoT Hub

A purpose-built bridge between your connected hardware and your cloud infrastructure.

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Transactional Email (TEM)

Enjoy instant delivery of your transactional emails backed by Scaleway’s reliable infrastructure, ensuring high deliverability and scalability.

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Monitor your infrastructures and applications in minutes with a fully managed observability solution.

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Check out our most recent products in different stages of beta, and participate in early user tests!

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