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Build, train, deploy and scale AI models and intelligent applications on a resilient and sustainable cloud ecosystem.

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  • 80+Cloud products and services
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Discover our AI Product Range

Scaleway provides a full range of Cloud services to develop innovative solutions and scale AI projects from A to Z. Discover the latest additions to our AI Suite: a flagship AI Supercomputer, Nabuchodonosor AI Supercomputing 2023, and a Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

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Power Your Projects and Scale with Trust, Security, and Compliance

Manage Your Costs

Scale Your Business, Not Your Billing. We offer simple and predictable pricing, with both ingress and egress included in most of our products and no hidden costs.

Secure Your Data

Ensure Your Security with distributed hosting compliance and certified data centers. Collaborate safely within our ecosystem, thanks to GDPR compliance and robust technical measures for data security.

Maintain Your Sovereignty

As a European alternative to hyperscalers, we ensure the data sovereignty of our customers. Create your architecture in a redundant ecosystem, with three availability zones in each of our regions.

Get the Support You Need

Enjoy Your Cloud experience, and get the support you need at each step. We provide 24/7 technical assistance, with fast response and exclusive services from our experts. Rely on a collaborative community to get support from developers.

A European
Cloud Provider
with high-performing

Bare Metal

Discover the power of true hardware isolation and full control over your infrastructure with our bare metal ranges. Choose between our renowned Dedibox range, our cloud-compatible Elastic Metal range, or the Apple Mac mini options.

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Get the right instances for every workload, from development to production. Start in seconds at unbeatable prices and scale up to resilient, production-grade computing power.

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Enhance the performance and reliability of your infrastructure, including Multi-AZ VPC for high availability, Load Balancer for efficient traffic distribution, and Domains & DNS services for seamless domain management and resolution.

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Storage & Database

Efficiently manage and scale your data storage and database requirements with Object Storage and Block Storage for flexible data storage, as well as Managed Databases services for simplified database management.

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Simplify the development of your applications with Container services to facilitate the management and portability of your infrastructure. From Managed Kubernetes to Serverless Containers, you will have all you need to scale your containerized apps.

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AI and Machine Learning

A high-performance cloud platform supported by a range of AI services. We provide modern GPU-based infrastructures to enable multi-node training of LLMs and simple node training. We will soon launch a full range of GPU H100 services.

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Choose the cloud that makes sense

Customer data sovereignty

Dependency is the enemy of resilience. Customers want their data hosted by a regional provider. Gain sovereignty with our multi-cloud tools & infrastructure.

Sustainable data centers

We recycle our hardware, only use renewable energy and pay close attention to our water usage. Also, our Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is displayed online 24/7 for you to see for yourself.

Low latency

Every complete cloud ecosystem needs 100% reliability, which is why we provide nine Availability Zones in three different regions.

Start your Cloud journey with the right resources


Get started with peace of mind when you build your infrastructure with the help of technical documentation, step-by-step tutorial, code sample, developer videos and guide.

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Enjoy the convenience of our API, command line interface (CLI), and developer tools, allowing you to conquer your cloud management goals with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

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Changelog and Status

Stay informed and connected with Scaleway services through our operational Status page, offering real-time updates on the platform, and access our changelog for the latest news and updates regarding our product portfolio.

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Built by developers for developers


Comprehensive experience

We provide the most accessible cloud experience for developers with our Console for a seamless experience.

Complete set of DevTools

Diligently maintaining APIs, SDKs, CLI, and Terraform plugin optimizes the cloud experience.

Impacting Environmental Leader

Pioneer in eco-sustainability, with high environmental performance data center, to control energy and water consumption.

Accessibility by design

The easiest cloud for generalist developers to get started, build on open source standard to ensure compatibility.