Apple Mac mini M2 Pro

Experience the amplified potential of Apple's M2 Pro chip with on-demand Mac computing power, priced at just €0.24/hour

Quick activation

Commence the Mac mini's start-up sequence, aiming to have it fully operational in no more than 300 seconds. Quick and smooth initiation of your computing experience.

Fully native macOS Sonoma experience

Offer the best experience to your Mac, iPhone and iPad users with VNC, the remote desktop-sharing protocol, that enables you to visualize the interface of a macOS 14 desktop.

Lightning fast CI-CD for iOS and macOS

Achieve greater computational efficiency while minimizing energy consumption in order to develop, test, and distribute your iOS and macOS applications to your user base.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1

Technical specifications

  • CPUApple M2 Pro chip. 10-core CPU. 16-core GPU. 16-core Neural Engine.

  • Memory16 GB LPDDR5.

  • Storage512GB.

  • Disk typeSSD.

  • Bandwidth1 Gbps.

  • OSmacOS Sonoma 14.

  • Develop, build, and test applications for iOS & macOS

    Lightning fast CI-CD anywhere, anytime

    Available whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy fast CI-CD for iOS and macOS thanks to an excellent latency from Europe.

    Scaleway's cloud ecosystem

    Seamlessly integrated to Scaleway's Software Development Kit.

    State-of-the-art data center facilities

    Your Mac mini is located in an ultra-secure data center that is already home to hundreds of businesses including financial services, international carriers, managed services providers, hybrid and private cloud providers, healthcare companies and enterprises.

    Remarkable computing powerhouse

    M2 Pro gives up to 20% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU performance than the M1 Pro. The M2 Pro neural engine has seen a 40% speed increase over the M1 Pro.

    Remote desktop

    Connect directly with VNC (screen sharing app) or SSH. Low latency, high frame rate.


    Fully native macOS Sonoma 14 experience.