GPU-powered infrastructure

Our comprehensive lineup of NVIDIA GPUs, including P100, NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU, NVIDIA L40S and NVIDIA GH200 covers a wide range of computing needs. Harness the speed and efficiency of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for parallelized workloads thanks to instances or supercomputers.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2
Warsaw:WAW 2

Available GPU Instances


€2.52/hour (~€1387/month)

Accelerate your model training and inference with the most high-end AI chip of the market!

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€1.24/hour (~€891/month)

Dedicated Tesla P100s for all your Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence needs.

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€0.75/hour (~€548/month)

Optimize the costs of your AI infrastructure with a versatile entry-level GPU.

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€1.4/hour (~€1,022/month)

Accelerate the next generation of AI-enabled applications with the universal L40S GPU Instance, faster than L4 and cheaper than H100 PCIe.

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Available GPU-powered infrastructure

Nabu 2023


Build the next Foundation Model with Nabu 2023, one of the fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world.

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Jero 2023


Fine-tune Transformers models and deploy them on Jero 2023, the 2-DGX AI supercomputer that can scale up to 16 nodes.

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Grace Hopper

Available in 2024

NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip combines the NVIDIA Grace CPU and the H100 Tensor Core GPU for an order-of-magnitude performance leap for large-scale AI and HPC

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Choose the right machine

GPUGPU memoryFP16 peak performanceRecommended forPrice
2x NVIDIA H100Tensor Core GPU80GB3,026 TFLOPS70B LLM Fine-Tuning / Inference€5.04/hour
1x NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU80GB1,513 TFLOPS7B LLM Fine-Tuning / Inference€2.52/hour
8x NVIDIA L40S GPU48GB2,896 TFLOPSFine-Tuning / Inference of GenAI (image video) model up to 70B€11.2/hour
4x NVIDIA L40S GPU48GB1,448 TFLOPSInference of Mixtral 8x22B€5.6/hour
2x NVIDIA L40S GPU48GB724 TFLOPS7B LLM Inference€2.8/hour
1x NVIDIA L40S GPU48GB362 TFLOPSImage & Video Encoding (8K)€1.4/hour
8x NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU24GB1,936 TFLOPS70B LLM Inference€6.00/hour
4x NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU24GB968 TFLOPS7B LLM Inference€3.00/hour
2x NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU24GB484 TFLOPSVideo Encoding (8K)€1.50/hour
1x NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU24GB242 TFLOPSImage Encoding (8K)€0.75/hour
NVIDIA P10016GB19 TFLOPSImage / Video Encoding (4K)€1.24/hour
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