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GPU Instances

Cloud instances with high-end dedicated GPU at the best price-performance ratio.


per hour

or €500/month

Xeon Gold Cores

Equipped with 10 Intel Xeon Gold 6148 cores, coming with specific AVX-512 instructions.

Tesla P100 GPU

Powered by 16-GB NVIDIA Tesla P100, directly exposed to the instances through PCI Express without any overprovisioning.

Memory & Storage

Come with 45 GB of RAM and 400 GB of local NVMe SSD storage.

Use Cases for GPU Instances

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

GPU Instances have been designed to train complex models at high speed to improve the predictions and decisions of your algorithms. The dedicated NVIDIA Tesla P100 make them particularly suitable for neural network and deep learning applications.

Data Processing

GPU Instances allow you to manipulate large datasets to extract meaningful information you are looking for at high speed. They support data scientists in the aggregation, summarization and classification of non-structured data.

Video Encoding & Image Rendering

GPU Instances can speed up ultra-high-definition video encoding and render 3D models at high speed. They allow you to optimize the cost and duration of your post-production needs, whether they are one-off or regular.

Simple & Easy Pricing

A spawned GPU Instance is yours for as long as you like. It cannot be pre-empted and it includes a server, a volume and an IPv4.









10 cores


45 GB

400 GB


1 Gbit/s



Prices before tax

High-End Specifications

Intel Xeon Gold 6148

The powerful Intel Xeon Gold 6148 comes with the AVX-512 instructions, which speeds up vector operations used in neural network and other data processing operations. This makes the Intel Xeon Gold 6148 one of the best CPUs for artificial intelligence on the market.

NVIDIA Tesla P100

The NVIDIA Tesla P100 is one of the best supercomputing datacenter GPU. With 16 GB of graphic memory delivered with HBM2 technology, the NVIDIA Tesla P100 is perfectly designed for both high performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Developer Tools

CLI, API, DevOps tools and more: Scaleway has designed a set of tools to support developers in the deployment, configuration, orchestration and automation of infrastructures, whatever their size and type.