GPU Instances

  • GPU
    Dedicated NVIDIA Tesla P100 16GB PCIe
  • Processor
    10 Intel Xeon Gold 6148 cores
  • Processor Frequency
    2.40 GHz
  • GPU Memory
    16 GB CoWoS HBM2
  • Memory
    42 GB
  • Memory type
  • Bandwidth
    1 Gbit/s
  • Storage
    Local Storage or Block Storage on demand
Big-Data Processing
Artificial Intelligence
3D Encoding & Rendering
Available regions
  • fr-par-1
  • fr-par-2
    Green AZ
  • Fully dedicated GPU
  • Outstanding performance /price ratio
  • Integrated with Kapsule & Registry
From€1.00ex. VAT/Hour

Boost your GPU workloads with Scaleway

Efficiency without noisy neighbors

Make the most of your dollar: benefit from dedicated GPUs  throughout your use period without any preemption rights.

Many complementary cloud services

Take advantage of Block Storage and our S3 compatible Object Storage, easily orchestrate your Kubernetes containers with Kubernetes Kapsule for no extra-charge, and store your images in our fully managed Container Registry.

A world-class cloud made in Europe

Among European leaders & in the top 10 global cloud services providers, Scaleway is an asset for the deployment of international solutions based on French and European jurisdiction.

Outstanding features for your GPUs

High-end specifications

We paired one of the best AI processors, the Intel Xeon Gold 6148, with a world-class GPU for deep learning and HPC: the Nvidia Tesla P100 16GB PCIe.

Your own dedicated GPU

Scaleway GPU Instances comes with your own dedicated GPU, a Nvidia Tesla P100, helping you get the most out of its 3584 CUDA cores.

Ready-to-go GPU distribution

We offer two ready-to-go distributions for GPU instances : Ubuntu Bionic ML 10.1 & Ubuntu Bionic ML 9.2, packed with the manufacturers’  GPU’s CUDA-enabled drivers.

Learn more about our Machine Learning images
Fit for AI & Machine Learning

Create and train your Machine Learning models in just a few minutes using scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Pytorch or RAPIDS with Conda, backed by our GPU’s Linux distributions.

Kubernetes-ready ecosystem

Deploy your Kubernetes nodes simply and easily with Kubernetes Kapsule, or accelerate your Docker containers with the NVIDIA Container Toolkit to save valuable time.

Scaleway ecosystem integration

Make your life easier by leveraging the Scaleway cloud services ecosystem with our Block Storage, Object Storage, Container Registry, and Kubernetes Kapsule.

Private Networks

Private Networks is compatible with GPU Instances at no extra cost. Privates Networks enables you to create your own layer-2 private networks between your  Development Instances, General Purpose Instances and GPU Instances.

Learn more

We designed a suite of tools to support developers in the deployment, configuration, orchestration and automation of infrastructures, whatever their size and type. Your infrastructure can be managed with our API and SDKs, using Terraform or with the scw command-line interface (CLI). You can also configure your instance immediately with cloud-init.

24/7 support tickets

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you. Simply open a new ticket in case of a problem. You can also reach our support directly by phone or get faster responses if you upgrade your support plan.

Discover our new generation of GPU-3070 instances powered by the newest NVIDIA hardware with an outstanding performance.

Popular use cases for GPU Instances

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

GPU Instances have been designed to train complex models at high speed  so you can improve your algorithms’ predictions and decisions. The dedicated NVIDIA Tesla P100 makes them particularly well-suited for neural networks and deep learning applications.

GPU-accelerated data processing

GPU Instances allow you to manipulate large datasets and extract the meaningful information you are looking for at high speed. They help data scientists summarize and classify non-structured data.

Video encoding & 3D rendering

GPU Instances can speed up ultra-high-definition video encoding and render 3D models at high speed. Optimize the cost and duration of your post-production needs, whether they are one-off or regular.

Discover outstanding use cases using our GPUs

Get started with our GPU tutorials

Testimonial: Scaleway GPUs in mission-critical Computer Vision

Earthcube licenses software for the recognition and in-depth analysis of satellite images

One of Earthcube flagship products is an aircraft recognition model that allows aircraft to be identified on satellite images and models (civil and military) with a 94% accuracy rate.
The Training Dataset contains 200,000 aircraft labeled at 2,000 airports with an accuracy to the pixel.

“Scaleway’s RENDER-S GPU Instances provide us a powerful machine with a simple interface at a feasible price”.
Renaud ALLIOUX, Earthcube Co-Founder

Quick and simple GPU acceleration

Our Nvidia P100 16GB PCIe GPUs Instances are built to supercharge your GPU workloads, whether you need one or several standalone GPU Instances, such as Jupyter Notebook, or want to deploy a Kubernetes cluster for your favorite Machine Learning software.


Combine your GPU Instances with other Scaleway products

Frequently asked questions

What's included in Scaleway’s dedicated GPU instances?

Scaleway offers the world’s best performance/price ratio for NVIDIA P100 GPUs: 1€/hour excl.VAT, capped at 500€/month excl.VAT. This price includes one dedicated GPU NVIDIA TESLA P100, 10 vCPU Intel Xeon Gold, one IP address, and 400GB SSD storage. And keep in mind that you will benefit from free unlimited transfers: we will not charge you for the inbound and outbound transfer of these virtual machines!

What are the advantages of NVIDIA P100 GPUs?

The NVIDIA Pascal architecture enables the Tesla P100 to deliver superior performance for HPC and hyperscale workloads. With more than 21 teraFLOPS of 16-bit floating-point (FP16) performance, Pascal is optimized to drive exciting new possibilities in deep learning applications. Pascal also delivers over 5 and 10 teraFLOPS of double- and single-precision performance for HPC workloads.

Will my GPU be part of an ecosystem I can leverage?

Our outstanding GPUs are even more valuable when used with our various top cloud services. Benefit from our Block Storage offers and our S3-compatible Object Storage, offering your first 75GB of storage. Discover our managed Kubernetes Kapsule control plane, which is available at no extra cost, allowing you to easily create your autoscaled CPU and GPU clusters.

Read our article on How to deploy Kubeflow on Kubernetes Kapsule

What is included in an Scaleway “Ubuntu ML” image?

Our Ubuntu ML (for Machine Learning) images are Ubuntu bionic images pre-packaged with the most popular tools, framework and libraries, such as Cuda, Conda, TensorFlow, Keras, RAPIDS, JAX, and several NLP and visualization tools.

Am I required to use a Scaleway "Ubuntu ML" image?

In addition to “Ubuntu ML” images, you can use almost every other image that Scaleway provides for general purpose instances. You can also bring your own images.

If you want to use our “Ubuntu ML” images without Conda, you can save some disk space with the invit conda deactivate, then conda env remove -n ai.

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