Social Responsibility

Commitments built on diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity is key element of Scaleway’s values. Nearly a quarter of our employees are women, the highest
rate in our history, and well above the cloud industry average (14%); indeed, most professions in software have traditionally been held by men. This progress is confirmed by our Egapro score - the diversity ranking system which all French companies must use - which also increased in 2023. And we're continuing our efforts to support all our new employees as we move towards ever-greater growth.

Damien Lucas, CEO, Scaleway

Scaleway - Egapro* Index for 2023

As part of our social policies, we are continuing in our efforts to promote gender diversity and equality.

In accordance with the French law “for the freedom to choose one's professional future”, companies with over 50 employees are evaluated on gender and wage equality. This index allows companies to measure their progress in terms of professional equality, and, when necessary, take corrective action.

This index is calculated on an annual basis using 4 or 5 indicators, according to the size of a company. This index must be made public, and submitted to the Inspection du Travail (French Labor Inspection).

1 - Pay gap36/4036/4036/40
2 - Individual pay raise gaps20/205/2010/20
3 - Promotion gaps15/1515/1515/15
4 - Pay raises after maternal leave15/1515/1515/15
5 - N° of people of the under-represented sex in the 10 biggest salary packages 5/105/1010/10
Total index score91/10076/10081/100

*The French government's index for professional equality between women and men

Our commitments to ensuring professional equality

  • Reducing the gender pay gap

    Reaching equal pay between women and men remains a key priority for Scaleway - as for the tech sector at large - and we're fully committed to getting there. Our Egapro pay gap score remained at 36/40 in 2023, and we continue to work to improve it.

  • Training tomorrow's talent

    Late 2020, Scaleway decided to invest in a new program to train young engineers: the Cloud Builder Launchpad. We hire around 20 junior engineers per year and strictly apply gender parity to that selection. 40 women and men have integrated over 20 different teams at Scaleway, and the program's success rate - the proportion of Cloud Builders ultimately signing full time contracts - is currently 98%.

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