Cloud Solutions for Retail

Optimize your retail journey with our cloud solutions: From physical shelves to digital pixels, we empower you to streamline inventory, maximize profits, and leverage AI for demand forecasting and revenue generation. Count on us for seamless operations, 24/7, to enhance your online visibility and drive retail success.

Retail cloud solution at each step of your grow

  • A personal support for SMB's Retail & E-commerce Business

    Management of the increase in traffic to handle peak load during seasonal events: Leverage Kubernetes auto-scaling to match resource usage with demand.

    Cost Optimization: Implement Cost-Optimized Instances with highly reliable Instances for your applications, priced affordably to fit any business , budget and technologies (x86 & ARM).

    Personalized Support: We offer support tailored to the needs of small businesses with dedicated Customer Success Manager.

  • Expansion of Large Retail & E-commerce Businesses

    Streamlined Infrastructure Orchestration: Automate your Infrastructure provisioning using our developer tools and plugins (SDK, CLI , Ansible , Terraform, Packer …) and effortlessly oversee it and your applications within minutes through our comprehensive observability solution Cockpit.

    Enhanced Compliance and Security Measures: Our robust framework includes adherence to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standards, round-the-clock security personnel (SSIAP2 certified), and fire detection systems meeting APSAD DC7 or N7 requirements. Rest assured, we have all the necessary measures in place to safeguard your interests.

    Data Management Solutions: Invest in scalable and reliable data storage solutions such as S3-compatible and Multi-AZ resilient Object Storage and back it up with our outstanding Cold Storage class to secure long-term object storage.

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