Dedibox - Core range

The high performance backbone of your mission-critical infrastructure.

High-end processors

We've combined the best Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC CPUs, and mounted them on single or dual sockets to give you up to 64 cores - that's 128 threads at high frequency.

Great bandwidth. Unlimited traffic

Up to 25Gbps of private or public bandwidth so you can take full advantage of your dedicated server's performance capabilities.


Need to isolate your servers from the public network? Easily create vLANs between your servers with Private Network VPNv1 and RPNv2, define your subnets on a mono- or multi-data center perimeter.

Popular use cases

Deploy your virtualization infrastructure on Core range dedicated servers to guarantee high CPU performance and more memory. Assign Failover IP addresses to your virtual machines and interconnect your servers with up to 10GBps through the available private network.

The Core range offers server configurations that are highly suitable for large data processing jobs. Big data remains a very frequent use case with Dedibox Core because our servers’ CPU/RAM configurations are adapted for and compatible with the market’s most popular Big Data solutions

The performance of Core range Dedibox dedicated servers facilitates the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructures such as Machine Learning (ML). Our servers also meet the specifications needed to run the majority of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Other dedicated server ranges

Start range

The best choice for hosting your applications

Impressive performance at the best price-performance ratio. Starting from €9.99 ex.VAT/month, pre-built ECC memory and unlimited public and private network traffic.

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Pro range

Perfectly balanced design

The perfect balance between processor, memory and storage. From €49.99 ex.VAT/month, get maximum flexibility in the deployment and Private Network RPNv1/RPNv2 up to 10 Gbps.

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Store Range

The largest storage volumes

Large storage capacity for massive data prodcessing. You are free in your configuration from large-volume disks in small quantities to smaller-volume disks in huge quantities!

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