Whether you’re a newcomer to the cloud or an experienced Devops with unique requirements, we offer a wide range of Instances explicitly designed to give you the best price/performance ratio with the broadest European Cloud ecosystem. Our virtual machines are fully integrated into our cloud ecosystem and delivered in seconds for any use cases.

Try, test, develop, build

PLAY2 Instances

From €0.014/hour

Build the perfect, high-performance sandbox environment to develop, test, and accelerate CI/CD processes.

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PRO2 Instances

From €0.055/hour

The latest generation of General Purpose Instances, designed for high-performance workloads in production environments.

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Development Instances

From €0.008/hour

Make the most of cloud virtualization with our unbeatable price/performance ratio. Perfect to host your personal websites and development environments.

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General Purpose Instances

From €0.08/hour

The first generation of General Purpose instance provides you a low-cost option for any architecture. Suitable for reliable workloads and production environments.

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Enterprise Instances

From €0.28/hour

Top-range Instances with guaranteed AMD EPYC™ 7003 series processors & Boot-on-Block storage for your most demanding workloads.

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Stardust Instances

From €0.0001/hour

1 vCPU and 1GB RAM – the simplest way to test our seamless cloud environment! Stock is limited, so get yours today!

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Scaleway benefits

Our European, multi-cloud & open source DNA

Based in France with builders and customers all over the world, our services are located within the European Union and protected by its regulations.

Transparent & predictable billing

Our services are designed to offer you the best price/performance ratio, with straightforward billing to grow your business and keep your expenses under control.

Leverage multi-cloud solutions

Our products are compatible with market standards so that you can enjoy the freedom of no lock-in.

Easy-to-use console

Our user interface was created with developers in mind. To give you the best & fun experience managing your cloud projects.

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Frequently asked questions

We provide a wide range of different Linux distributions and InstantApps for Instances. You are free to bootstrap your own distribution.

When you request to power off your Instance, four options are available:

  • Hard Reboot
  • Power off
  • Terminate
  • Standby

When you select the Hard Reboot option, your instance performs an electrical reboot. Your data remains on the local storage. Whenever possible, you should reboot your instance from the OS to avoid data corruption.

When you select the Power off option, all data on the local volume of your instance is transferred to a volume store, and your physical node is released back to the pool of available machines. Depending on the amount of data to be archived, the process can take time.

When you select the Terminate option, your instance and volumes are deleted. You will not be able to recover them. The flexible IP attached to your instance will not be deleted.

When you select the Standby option, your instance is stopped, but all your data remains on the local storage. Your instance is still allocated to your account, and you can restart it anytime, without delay.

Important: With the Standby option, you are still charged the same amount as if the instance is running.