Virtual Instances

Virtual Instances fully integrated in a cloud ecosystem and delivered in seconds

Try, Test, Develop

Development Instances
From €0.01 €/hour

Reliable and flexible instances tuned to host your websites, applications and development environments.

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Stardust Instances
From €0.0025/hour

1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 1 IPv4 address, 10 GB of local storage, up to 100 Mbps bandwidth.

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Built for production Environments

General Purpose Instances
From €0.084/hour

Production-grade cloud instances designed for scalable infrastructure. Launch demanding services with local NVMe SSDs and high-end CPUs.

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Bare Metal Servers
From €0.159/hour

Premium on-demand Bare Metal servers with 100% dedicated hardware billed hourly.

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Scale further

GPU Instances
From €1 /hour

Cloud instances with high-end dedicated GPU at the best performance/price ratio

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Kubernetes Kapsule
From €0.02/ hour

Run containerized applications in a Kubernetes environment managed by Scaleway.

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Scalable instances for all your workloads

Scalable hardware

Cloud instances for any workload from 1 to 48 vCPUs with an x86 architecture.

Easy to deploy

Most common apps and OSes can be deployed in seconds and customized immediately using cloud-init.

Simple pricing

Billing is based on real-time consumption, from €0.006/hour for a dual-core instance, 20 GB of NVMe storage and an IP address.

Discover other Scaleway products that fit your needs.

Developer Tools

CLI, API, DevOps tools and more: Scaleway has designed a set of tools to support developers in the deployment, configuration, orchestration and automation of infrastructures, whatever their size and type.

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