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Linux Distributions


Maintained by Scaleway.
The most popular Linux operating system available in its latest long-term support version (LTS): Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa. You can rely on five years of guaranteed free upgrades.

Deploy Ubuntu
Machine Learning

Maintained by Scaleway.
The Scaleway’s version of Ubuntu optimized for machine learning. It includes the most common frameworks, tools and packages such as PyTorch, Tensorflow 2, NVIDIA RAPIDS or JAX.

Deploy Ubuntu ML

Maintained by Scaleway.
The world-known free open-source operating system, which come with over 59,000 packages. Known for its reliability, it is offered in its stable branch with Debian 10 Buster.

Deploy Debian

Maintained by Scaleway.
The community-driven free operating system focused on delivering a robust open source ecosystem. CentOS 8 proposed by Scaleway is its latest stable version.

Deploy CentOS

Maintained by Scaleway.
The free Linux operating system sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora is available up to version 29 for the moment.

Deploy Fedora
Arch Linux

Maintained by Scaleway.
The keep-it-simple (KISS) operating system, user-centric and committed to the philosophy of free software. Arch Linux is distributed in rolling release.

Deploy Arch Linux
Alpine Linux

Maintained by Scaleway.
The security-oriented, lightweight Linux operating system based on Musl and BusyBox.

Deploy Alpine Linux

Application Images: InstantApps


Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control. Nextcloud lets you store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more and access them from your mobile device, your desktop or a web browser.

Deploy Nextcloud

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The flexible, open-source messaging platform hat enables secure team collaboration. Mattermost is an internal chat for organisations and companies designed as an alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Deploy Mattermost

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The programming language designed by Google wrapped in a Scaleway image.

Deploy Golang

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The well-known and much appreciated programming language of startups, wrapped in a Scaleway image.

Deploy Ruby
Torrent Seedbox

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The perfect seedbox image to manage your downloads thanks to Deluge, a web-based torrent management software.

Deploy Torrents

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The Oracle Java development kit (JDK) version 8 wrapped in a Scaleway image to run your Java application on VMs.

Deploy Java
LEMP Stack

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
Linux, the Nginx HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system, and the PHP programming language wrapped up in a single Scaleway image to set up your websites in a flash.

Deploy LEMP stack

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The most complete DevOps platform. GitLab provides a complete CI/CD toolchain in a single application through a Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline features.

Deploy GitLab

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The open-source JavaScript runtime environment and framework that executes JavaScript code outside the web browser wrapped in a Scaleway image.

Deploy Node.js

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively wrapped in a Scaleway image for scientists and developers.

Deploy Python

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The Dropbox-like file hosting platform. ownCloud allow you to securely access and share data from everywhere and any device.

Deploy ownCloud

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The fastest and simplest way to protect your online privacy and surf anonymously. The OpenVPN is easy to deploy and ready to use after a first SSH connection.

Deploy OpenVPN

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The most famous blog tool, publishing platform and content management system (CMS). WordPress is an open-source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog or application.

Deploy WordPress

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The application that lets you create and develop your business easily. PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution.

Deploy PrestaShop

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The painless self-hosted Git service. Gogs is a cross-platform git-based forge written in Go.

Deploy Gogs

Maintained by Scaleway-Community.
The famous container manager wrapped in a Scaleway image to deploy your own applications in seconds without having to worry about compatibility and dependencies.

Deploy Docker

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