Virtual Private Cloud

Secure your cloud resources with ease on a resilient regional network

Secure your application resources

Benefit from a reliable and secure layer-2 network to isolate your resources from the Internet. Avoid unnecessary exposure.

Maximize infrastructure reliability without compromising security.

Each VPC is regional and ensures high availability for your architecture, providing redundancy and resilience to keep your applications running smoothly.

Seamlessly and easily deploy complex architectures.

Integrate easily your existing resources: Instances, managed Databases, Elastic Metal, Kubernetes Kaspule, Load Balancer, Public Gateway … Thanks to VPC build multi-layer infrastructure without time-consuming configuration.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2PAR 3
Amsterdam:AMS 1AMS 2AMS 3
Warsaw:WAW 1WAW 2WAW 3

Popular use cases

Distribute your resources in different AZs within the same region and let them communicate securely along the same private network.

Isolate your resources from the internet, creating a solid separation between your front-end and back-end, to ensure better security and resilience.

Use Elastic Metal with Database on the same private Network located in 2 different AZs.