The NVIDIA H100 PCIe Tensor Core GPU will join the Scaleway ecosystem in 2023

Scaleway announces today that the NVIDIA H100 PCIe Tensor Core GPU will join its cloud ecosystem by the end of 2023

Scaleway and Clever Cloud join forces to unveil a sovereign, European, PaaS offering

Clever Cloud and Scaleway unite to offer a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution hosted in DC5

Selective power cuts – Scaleway’s strategy in case of power outages

The French government is considering implementing selective power cuts across mainland France in order to avoid overloading the power supply.

IAM, the simplest way to manage user access to your cloud structure

Scaleway today announces the launch of IAM, the simplest way to manage user access to your cloud structure.

Changes to Scaleway's pricing

As of December 1, 2022, we will increase the prices of our offers for most existing Scaleway solutions (Dedibox and Public Cloud).

Scaleway introduces PLAY2 Instances, the perfect sandbox environment

Scaleway, the cloud of choice, today launches PLAY2 Instances, which allow developers to test, develop and accelerate their CI/CD processes.


Why purpose and values come before salary and perks when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent

Today, top tech companies are bending over backwards to attract talent. -Anything to get the best people. Well, almost anything...


How to Play at Work

We all learned how to behave properly in kindergarten, so why do we so easily abandon our basic values when in a corporate setting?

New line of PRO2 Instances

Scaleway expands its cloud ecosystem with the launch of its new line of PRO2 Instances running on the latest AMD processors


Why tech (also) needs non-tech people

The tech industry's steady growth and undeniable future prospects make it an attractive. IT, however, can feel like an intimidating sector...


Scaleway is strengthening its position in Europe by opening a second data center in Amsterdam

impact report generic_green blog.webp

Why it's also time to take out the digital trash

Even now there remains a disconnect among the general population between what digital is imagined to be and what it really is.


Scaleway raises the bar for infrastructure resilience by launching Multi-AZ Object Storage


Elastic Metal unlocks the first accessible hybrid cloud

Elastic Metal - new product!


Why more women in startups can only make the tech world a better place

One study found that at the current rate, we'll only achieve equal gender representation on boards by 2032...


Independence is a two-way street, or why the USA needs a strong technological Europe

Following recent EU-U.S. initiatives announced dealing with tech and transatlantic trade, the status of these two parties can be called into question.


GAIA-X evolutions: Scaleway highlights key expectations

Scaleway’s CEO, Yann Lechelle, reacts to the latest announcement from the GAIA-X board of directors...


Building a resilient cloud, for you, with you

Dependency is the enemy of resilience...


What about after Digital Cleanup Day?

Is it really possible to improve the digital sector’s environmental impact?


Scaleway introduces Apple silicon M1 as-a-Service, first of its kind in Europe

Apple silicon M1 as-a-Service, first of its kind in Europe


Scaleway’s vision of the future is not clouded - we need environmental policies which take into account the human cost of our digital future

Proposed French legislation targets the digital sector’s environmental footprint...


Scaleway’s Public Cloud is now available in its new Eastern European region in Warsaw

Scaleway is now in Warsaw


Scaleway takes Dedibox, its BtoB dedicated server range, to new heights

Scaleway, announced today an evolution of its historical activity...


An in-depth look back at the exceptional heatwave episode on the 24th and 25th of July

An exceptional heatwave episode required the cooling equipment on two of our Datacenters, DC2 and DC3 to run on its maximum capacity...