Scaleway launches its RISC-V servers in the cloud, a world first and a firm commitment to technological independence

Paris, France - Thursday, February 29, 2024 - Scaleway, the European cloud provider, is proud to launch a range of RISC-V servers, marking once again its commitment to innovation and its dedication to fostering the technologies of tomorrow.

RISC-V, an open instruction set architecture for CPUs, will become the dominant architecture in a world where more and more countries seek to regain sovereignty over semiconductor production. A revolution in the microprocessor landscape is in the offing, based on the adoption of a universal language, free from commercial licenses and geopolitical constraints.

"The launch of RISC-V servers is a concrete and direct statement by Scaleway to boost an ecosystem where technological sovereignty is open to all, from the lowest level upwards. This bold, visionary initiative in an emerging market opens up new prospects for all players," said Sébastien Luttringer, Scaleway's R&D Director.

Scaleway is now proactively offering a range of RISC-V servers to its clients. This initiative is designed to foster application development and encourage the emergence of European leaders in microprocessor manufacturing. The transition to RISC-V, a more energy-efficient technology than existing standards, also opens the door to more sustainable solutions for data centers, thereby furthering Scaleway's commitment to sustainability.

Featuring the T-HEAD TH1520 SoC, 16GB RAM and 128GB storage at a price of €15.99 per month, Elastic Metal RV1 is accessible to all budgets. The RISC-V architecture, although new and still being optimized, is already delivering surprisingly high performance levels thanks to its modern and open design. As such, it already represents a credible alternative to established architectures such as x86 and ARM.

"We're delighted to be the first to offer RISC-V servers in the cloud, opening up new opportunities for our customers to meet growing demands for sovereignty, efficiency and sustainability. This innovation is a further step towards our vision of an independent and competitive European cloud", added Damien Lucas, CEO at Scaleway.

EM-RV1 servers are the fruit of months of research and development in Scaleway's Paris laboratories. Every aspect of their design, from the first prototypes to their 3D-printed casing, bears witness to an iterative, artisanal approach to bringing you a range of robust RISC-V servers available in the cloud, within the shortest possible time frame.

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