Billing Cost Manager

Easily track your consumption in an all-in-one tool.

Optimize cost tracking

Cost Manager provides a clear and detailed view of your cloud resources consumption, costs, and trends. Leverage data from the past 5 years for accurate cost analysis to help you make informed decisions about your cloud usage.

Simplify cost tracking and re-invoicing

The billing API enables easy data retrieval, improving cost management for re-invoicing and budget allocation by Project. Accurately track and analyze the use and costs of your cloud resources and access detailed consumption data.

Visualize costs trends

Monitor costs from a user-friendly dashboard. Filter data by category, Project, or resource type to adjust insights to your needs. Visualize cost trends in a simple graph to help you optimize your infrastructure.

Key features of Cost Manager


Use this feature with no extra fees and charges.

Reports and dashboard

Get your consumption analysis in just one click.

Customizable filters

Build a tailor-made graphical view that fits your needs.

API export

Export your data for even greater granularity.