Build Scalable Applications With Serverless

Build and deploy cost-effective and scalable applications easily with Scaleway Serverless ecosystem. Find out how Serverless lets you automate existing tasks, and enables you to scale your business faster.

Key benefits of Serverless

Save time on management

Focus on writing business logic, not managing infrastructure and dealing with scaling issues.

Automate your repetitive tasks at any scale

Adapt to customer needs at any scale. Build applications that automate IT workflows and handle increasing load without refactoring.

Optimise cost and resource usage by default

Pay only for the services you use. Allocate resources only when you need them. Achieve cost and usage optimization without manual scripting or custom interventions.

Common scenarios of Serverless

Mobile app backend

Use Serverless resources to host mobile application backends.
Connect your mobile application to a Function or a Container using HTTP, and query databases or directly access data stored in object storage.

The backend could be hosted on a single container (monolith architecture) or divided into different microservices. In a microservices backend, queues could be used to improve the product reliability and scalability.

Customers feedbacks


"Scaleway Serverless containers ensures the scalability and elasticity of our solution while allowing us to forget about the infrastructure, so we can focus on the application code."

Kamil Caglar, Fullstack engineer, Serenicity

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"Scaleway Serverless Containers allowed us to deploy our Networking solution quickly and easily, and speed is crucial for a small startup like us.”

Gaby Geisert, CEO of Zimplist

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Most popular questions about Serverless

When should you use Serverless Functions & Containers?

Serverless Functions and Containers allow you to run code without having to manage a server. This is useful when you need to perform tasks quickly, as you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining a server. Serverless Functions and Containers are also cost effective, as you are only charged for the time your code is running and autoscale automatically when needed. This makes them a great choice for applications that have unpredictable workloads.

When do you need messaging and queuing?

Messaging and queuing can be used when you need to make different parts of your application communicate. This makes it easier to manage the flow of data, ensures that the data is not lost or corrupted, and allows for scaling up each part of the system independently if needed. It also helps to improve system performance, reliability and availability. In Serverless based applications it is recommended to use Queues or Streams and perform asynchronous communication.

How Serverless is more cost efficient?

Serverless solutions can provide significant cost savings when applications have infrequent or unpredictable load or are composed of highly parallelizable tasks. But apart from the direct savings made thanks to pay-as-you-go, serverless solutions free up time and resources for companies to focus on improving their applications and services, rather than on infrastructure management.

Why should you build your modern applications on Scaleway?

Scaleway offers a complete cloud ecosystem from Serverless architecture to Elastic Metal and everything in between. Being the only European cloud provider offering a complete Serverless solution, from Serverless Functions, Serveress Containers to Messaging & Queuing, our teams work hard every day to provide you with a secure public cloud ecosystem to build your modern applications, supported by our IAM, Observability alerts and Secret manager (in public beta). Our multi-cloud tools & infrastructure ensure our customers' data sovereignty. Last but not least, we offer you the best developer experience with our 24/7 support, a robust community of support on Slack and a complete developer toolkit.

Which additional solutions extend Scaleway's Serverless ecosystem?

We are currently developing many new products under the serverless ecosystem, from Serverless DB to Serverless Job, Managed AMQP or even File storage. Check out our beta page for the full list of products.