Customer Success Story: Zimplist

"Scaleway Serverless Containers allowed us to deploy our Networking solution quickly and easily, and speed is crucial for a small startup like us.”

What is Zimplist?

Zimplist, founded in Frankfurt in 2022, helps you connect with peers and nurture your network to create opportunities. Zimplist's users can easily manage digital business cards, chronological notes of conversations, and strategic follow-ups.

For Gaby Geisert, CEO of Zimplist, in a fast moving market it was very important that the solution could be deployed fast and with no technical difficulties. Moreover, they were looking for a solution that met their expectations in terms of data privacy.

To ensure a fast go-to-market, Gaby decided to rely on Inheaden as a technology partner. Inheaded is a German company specialised in the development of high-performance software solutions tailored to their clients’ needs.

The Project

As explained by Christian Hein, CIO at Inheaden, they decided to deploy Zimplist on Scaleway to ensure that the data was stored in a European Cloud provider, so that customer data was protected by European laws. Furthermore, they decided to run the application on Serverless Containers product, which allowed them to easily deploy containers without taking care of complex Kubernetes configurations, nor managing any servers.

Currently, Serverless containers product is used to run both the Webapp frontend and the Backend. The Backend processes requests coming from the Webapp, as well as the Mobile application.

The architecture also includes storage products, such as Object Storage and Managed Database for PostgreSQL, as well as Scaleway’s Messaging product that enables event-driven communication between the products (email delivery, batch jobs…).


  • High degree of data privacy needed
  • Zimplist uses an European only toolstack
  • Not much external services needed
  • Low complexity architecture for a small startup
  • Easy and quick deployment of the containers
  • No Kubernetes and VM Management

Future plans

  1. Increased marketing activity after next funding round;
  2. Many new features are planned (features for events, integrations for other tools, team/enterprise plans);
  3. Use additional products of Scaleway (Redis, transactional email, DNS, queues) besides current use of Serverless and DBs.