Identity and Access Management

The easiest way to safely collaborate in the cloud.

Secure your infrastructure

Managing access to your Organization has never been so simple. With Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can define precisely who has access to what in your Scaleway Organization.

Create custom rules

IAM integrates all Scaleway products and allows you to define custom access policies based on your technical and business needs.

Boost collaboration

Using IAM, you can easily generate, share, and manage restricted access to your Organization internally or with your trusted partners.

Popular use cases

Manage access

  • Grant, remove or manage restricted access with your teams
  • Give limited access to your Organization to a 3rd party partner (e.g. a consultant, security analyst, etc)
  • Add applications with API keys attached
  • Manage the rights of many users or applications at once


100% free

All IAM features are included by default in your Scaleway account and don't need additional quotas.

Simple user & application management

Add, remove or manage human and non-human access to your Organization. Use our group feature to save time and manage several users and applications at the same time.

Custom policy settings

Define precisely who can access what in your Scaleway Organization by creating and applying custom rules and permissions to your users and applications.

Terraform & CLI integration

IAM can be used from your console, via Terraform or via the Scaleway command-line interface

IAM Walkthrough

Customer Testimonial

Having a European CSP integrating IAM is such a big step!

Before IAM, only our infrastructure teams had access to our Scaleway Organization. Using IAM, all our technical teams have the possibility to get restricted access based on their needs.

They are more autonomous, which reduces bottlenecks and accelerates project delivery. Collaboration is more fluid, and productivity boosted.

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Frequently asked questions

Securing access to your Scaleway account and resources is essential. Not all users, programs and scripts should have access to all aspects of your Organization. There are many risks that can affect your Organization: credentials can get leaked, or obtained through malicious activity, and some undesired actions may be performed accidentally.

IAM enables you to reduce these risks, and ensures that users in your Organization have access only to the resources they need.

IAM is free and available to all Scaleway users.

IAM enables you to manage access control to all Scaleway products.

Applications represent the identity of non-human users (such as a CI pipeline, a custom script, or a Terraform provider). They are used to attach permissions and API keys to these operations - without being linked to specific users and their own rights.