Shared Responsibility Model

What is it?

Scaleway shared responsibility model aims to clarify which activities and guarantees are provided by Scaleway and which ones you need to handle as a Cloud customer.

Our ultimate goal remains to enable your applications to run reliably and securely. To enable this, we distinguish responsibility between different areas.


As a cloud provider, there are activities we fully manage and operate. You, as a customer, do not need to worry about these services, but neither can modify directly the configuration of the involved systems. This typically corresponds to our Infrastructure services such as our Physical Locations (Datacenters/Availability Zones), the installed Hardware (Physical machines and connectivity) or the services we provide to manage your Cloud, such as Scaleway Console or Scaleway APIs.


As a cloud customer, there are actions you are solely responsible for. We provide documentation, tools and training material to help you use the corresponding systems, but only you can perform the corresponding actions and are responsible for their accuracy. This typically corresponds to Cloud services usage activities, such as Configuring Access to Cloud resources or ordering/terminating Cloud resources.

Products usage

Depending on which Scaleway Products you use, some activities fall under either our or your responsibility. For example, with Managed Databases for PostgreSQL and MySQL, we fully managed the underlying Operating System configuration, whereas with Compute Instances, it remains your responsibility to configure and upgrade the Instance Operating System.

Let's ensure your applications run reliably and securely

You can find more documentation describing shared responsibilities for Scaleway Products: