Managed MongoDB®

Drive your own document-oriented database strategy.
Let us manage the engine.

What is Managed MongoDB®?

Managed MongoDB® offers a scalable, secure, and fully managed NoSQL solution based on market leader technology that allows developers to focus on building applications while we manage the infrastructure.

Popular use cases

Powerful aggregation framework available for complex data processing, supporting real-time analytics for business intelligence applications.

Flexibility and scalability make it ideal for mobile backends, enabling developers to manage user data and app updates with ease.

Flexible document model for quick adaptation to changing product catalog structures, improving customer experience with dynamic product listings.

Document-based structure and powerful indexing capabilities allow for efficient storage and retrieval of diverse data types, supporting AI training, model development, and real-time inference at scale.

Key Benefits

Fully managed

We handle setup, configuration, patching, backups and performance optimization to free you from infrastructure management and let you focus on what matters.

Upscaling made easy

Upgrade your node with more vCPU and RAM capacity to fit your needs from the Scaleway Console in just a few clicks.

Predictable pricing

Only pay for what you use, with no up-front or monthly commitment. Focus on core revenue-earning activities and save resources for important tasks.

Hosted in Europe

Keep your customers’ data in Europe within our regions in Paris, Amsterdam & Warsaw. Ensures compliance with strict EU data protection regulations, providing a secure and GDPR-compliant environment.