Serverless Containers

Easily run containers on the cloud with a single command.

From containers to production in seconds

With Serverless Containers, you can rapidly deploy your containers in any language you want. You only have to focus on the design of your applications. Serverless Containers takes care of the execution, responding to the triggers you define.

Reduce operational costs

Serverless Containers simplifies the management of your resources, only using them when they are needed. Reduce operational costs by removing the need for oversized or additional servers to manage traffic on your services.

No infrastructure management

Managing infrastructure can be complicated, especially when it comes to scaling to handle traffic spikes. Serverless Containers abstracts infrastructure management by adapting the resources according to the traffic, simplifying the operation of your apps.

Popular use cases

Deploy and run a web application

Using a container workflow, you can build your application in any language while benefiting from serverless technologies.

Key features

Public Registries

You can deploy Container images from any public registry (including Docker Hub).

Fully managed & scalable

No infrastructure to manage, no software to update. Your service scales on demand. Serverless Containers deploy the resources needed to handle high demands and reduce them during minimum load.

Port any web app

Leveraging container workflows, Serverless Containers allows you to focus on the design of your services, not the infrastructure.

Custom domains

Choose the domains associated with Serverless Containers and map your services to the domain you need to allocate to your containers.

CRON & HTTP Trigger

Integrate triggers to your containers, so your apps run at a specific time, at specified intervals, or simply on demand. With the new private CRON feature, you can now set up CRON jobs on private containers.

Secret Management

Securely integrate sensitive information into your Serverless functions/containers using encrypted environment variables.