Serverless Containers

  • Pricing per usage
    Pay only for the resources you use
  • Zero infrastructure management
    No need to configure any server
  • Container scaling
    Automatic scaling based on your workload
  • Flexible configuration
    Run any language and library
  • Leverage container workflow
    Deploy code and its dependencies
  • CRON & HTTP Trigger
    Trigger your containers when needed
  • Build on Knative
    Enable portability of your application
Available regions
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Warsaw
  • 200,000 vCPU-s Free
  • Deploy and run containers easily
  • Pay as you go
Processor usage€1.00ex. VAT/per 100k vCPU-s

Easily run containers on the cloud with a single command

Serverless Containers provides a highly scalable, managed, compute platform to run and manage your application, without provisioning or managing virtual machines. Your dev teams can focus on building great applications and accelerate deployment.

Included Features

  • Pricing per usage
  • Flexible configuration
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Load balancing
  • CRON or HTTP Trigger
  • Custom Domain
  • compatible
  • Terraform compatible

Why choose Scaleway Serverless Containers?

No infrastructure management

Infrastructure management can be a complicated step for your organization, especially when managing your environment’s scalability to handle traffic surges. Serverless Containers abstracts infrastructure management by adapting the resources according to the traffic, simplifying the operation of your applications.

Run containers to production in seconds

With Serverless Containers, you can deploy your containers in any language you want, in minutes. You can integrate any dependencies and tools you want. You only have to focus on the design of your applications. Serverless Containers takes care of the execution, responding to the triggers you define.

Reduce operational cost

Serverless Containers simplifies the management of your resources, using resources only when they are needed. You only pay for the resources you use. No need to oversize or add servers to manage traffic on your services, or to manage a container orchestrator, reducing the operational cost of managing your containers.

Run Scalable containerized stateless apps in a fully managed environment

Outstanding features of Scaleway Serverless Containers

Pricing per usage

You are billed for the resources (memory, vCPU) consumed by your containerized applications. You only pay when your containers are running and the billing is done to the hundredth second. Pricing is based on selected resources and usage, so there is no surprise.

Highly scalable

Service scales on demand. You can deploy highly scalable containerized applications without managing servers. Serverless Containers deploy the resources needed to handle high demand and reduce them during minimum load.

Port any web app

Leveraging container workflows, Serverless Containers allows developers to focus on the design of their web applications, not the infrastructure. Its user friendly interface enables you to quickly deploy and manage your services.

Fully managed

Once deployed, your containers are managed by Serverless Containers, so you have no infrastructure to manage, no software update, no scalability issues.

Custom Domain

Set up custom domain names rather than using the default address provided by Serverless services. Map your services to the domain you want to assign to your Functions.

CRON & HTTP Trigger

Integrate triggers to your containers, so your applications run at a specific time, at specified intervals or simply on demand.

Flexible configuration

You can use any programming language and system library to build your containers. compatible

Our service is compatible with the framework. So you can provision your Serverless architecture with the Serverless framework.

Popular use cases with Serverless Containers

Deploy and run a web application or microservice

Using container workflow, you can build your application in any language while benefiting from serverless technologies.

Process data as suits your needs

Using the language and library of your choice, perform regular data processing jobs like ETL or complex analysis using Python’s Pandas and SciPy, R, or Julia. You can even use it to periodically render your data analysis to a PDF.

Media Processing

Simply bring your media processing applications to the cloud using Serverless Containers. For example, reframe videos or process audio file using C++

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scaleway Serverless Containers?

Scaleway Serverless Containers is a Knative-based service which enables developers to run their web applications or services in the cloud in minutes without having to manage infrastructures. Simply push your image to Scaleway Registry and deploy it using Serverless Containers, we take care of the rest.

Why should I use Serverless Containers?

If you need to deploy your containerized web application or service at a low cost and don’t want to handle even more infrastructure operations, should the service need to handle sporadic traffic.

What use cases does Serverless Containers support?

For now we recommend that you use Serverless Containers to handle asynchronous tasks (for example media transformation). However, you can also use it for more synchronous tasks (microservice hosting) provided that you define a min scale which enables to mitigate cold start issues.

What Container can I run using Serverless Container ?

You can run any containerized web application as long as it listens on the PORT environment variable

Can I assign a custom domain name to my Serverless Container ?

Yes! You can now set up custom domain names rather than using the default address provided by Serverless services. You can map your services to the domain you want to your Functions/Containers.

What is the pricing of Serverless Containers?

Serverless Containers is billed based on resources (vCPU and Memory) usage. When the container runs, we measure the duration of the container uptime and multiply it by the reserved resources. Read our documentation for more information

What Container can I run using Serverless Container ?

You can run any containerized stateless web application as long as it listens on the PORT environment variable.

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