Kubernetes Solutions

Learn and Scale containerized applications with a managed Kubernetes.

  • Gartner predicts that 70% of organizations will run containerized applications by 2023

    As the recent Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) survey has shown, in the 2021 Cloud-Native Survey that Kubernetes, the dominant container orchestration program has reached its highest level ever, with 96% of organizations using or evaluating the technology.

    Container adoption and Kubernetes have gone mainstream – as 5.6 million developers are using Kubernetes worldwide according to SlashData.

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1. "Start my first PoC "

Typical use case:
Evaluation: evaluate the need for your infrastructure for a container orchestration platform, make sure your team knows why and what they want to achieve.
POC a prototype: create a proof of concept to test the implementation and understand Kubernetes

You will do:
Create a cluster
Understand Pods and nodes
Launch container with an application
Test and expose application publicly.

Products to start with:
Kubernetes Kapsule, Application Library, Minikube, Kube Control, Nodeport/Ingress controller

Scaleway products to start with

Kubernetes has such a strong hype and a continuous adoption among developer community because it solves major issues for managing containerised applications, like scaling facility, ease of deployment and a great overall stability.
Lets take a look at Kubernetes technology range we propose you to support your needs.

ProductKey featuresPerfectly made for
Kubernetes KapsuleAutoscaling & AutohealingPersonal or side projects
Kubernetes KosmosMulti-cloud deploymentProduction environment for scaling stratups
Dedicated Control PlaneHighly available Control PlaneProduction environment with heavy workloads
Application libraryIntegrate Helm chartsConfiguration of operations for each application

Kubernetes in the Scaleway Ecosystem

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Should you use Kubernetes Kapsule or Serverless Containers ?

Use Cases / Objectives
Serverless Containers
Kubernetes Kapsule

Deploy a web application

A perfect tool for a simple application

Imply configuration & monitoring

Provision the infrastructure resources


Require to provision your compute needs

Deploy and maintain CI/CD pipelines

Perfect for quick and straightforward releases

Ideal for complex and customized workloads

Implement processing workflow of business data

Not advised

Control and monitor your process from A to Z

Operate Machine Learning models

Suitable for light ML tasks

Define and schedule inference workloads regardless the complexity

Get infrastructure resilience and High Availability

Resilience built-In

Accessible through configuration and provisioning

Optimize infrastructure cost

Optimized based on usage

Compute on an hourly basis

More info on Serverless Containers

Additional products

Production-Optimized Insances

Deploy your containers in production, hosted on reliable and performant instances with a 99,99% SLA.

Load Balancer

Balance workloads between pods for an enhanced user experience and set a unique entry point for all request.

Block Storage

Create persistent volume on top of Block Storage, be sure all your data are safe and available when a container boots.

How customers build their infrastructure?

Jamespot use Kubernetes Kapsule to deploy their application using microservices and handle high traffic seamlessly, even with up to 80,000 users.

They deploy especially containers for video conferencing and collaborative editing, ensuring smooth performance during peak loads.