Kubernetes - Dedicated control plane

High-performance container management

Create a state-of-the-art environment

Thanks to our dedicated control plane, you have all the guarantee on your instance, which brings more stable performance and no CPU steal.

Improve container orchestration

Dedicating all the power of an Instance to your environment allows your Kubernetes environment to perform two times better than the basic Kapsule offer and support a heavier workload.

Resilience for your cluster management

Ensuring the high availability and redundancy of your container orchestrator is key for business-critical applications.

Dedicated control plane use-cases

Support ML training and data mining

Training artificial intelligence models requires the high availability of orchestration capabilities. You don't want the training to stop because then you have to start all over again. The same requirements apply when dealing with large amounts of data such as data mining.

Key features


Operate in an isolated environment that meets your requirements

High Availability

2 replicas available to ensure full High Availability on your Kubernetes environment

Guaranteed dedicated memory

a dedicated and stable memory available all the time for your workload

Adapt to your scale

Choose between 3 sizes to adapt to your needs - Memory 4Gb/ 8Gb/ 16Gb