Public Gateway

A single & secure entrance to your infrastructure.

Easily allow connectivity for internal resources

Route traffic to the internet for your VMs without compromising their privacy and security

Define a single and reliable access point

Decrease outside exposure and reduce IP reservation costs. Your infrastructure will share a single external IP address.

Trust a fully managed Gateway

Setup, administration, failover & updates are covered for maximum reliability and minimal impact on your traffic.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2
Amsterdam:AMS 1AMS 2AMS 3
Warsaw:WAW 1WAW 2WAW 3

Popular use cases

Use SSH bastion to allow or deny SSH access to the resources in your Private Network, so as Lead Developer, you can control who has access to which VMs.

Allow only the machines in your private network to have access to an external network and answer the request on that network

Optimize your IP usage by having a public gateway to mutualize the frontal IP for multiple VMs