Network Pricing

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity with our Network Solutions. From fortifying your cloud assets with Virtual Private Cloud to streamlining access via Public Gateways, we offer robust infrastructure for your digital ecosystem's success.


Secure your cloud resources on a reliable and secure private network to isolate your resources from the Internet.

Maximize infrastructure reliability without compromising security by spreading the resources across the AZs communicating on the same private network in PAR-AMS-WAW region.

Deploy easily complex architectures thanks to the DHCP server to avoid time-consuming configuration.

NameIP SupportTrafficBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
Private NetworksIPv4 & IPv6UnlimitedUp to 4 GbpsFree
Private Networks up to 1 Gbps for Elastic Metal serverIPv4 & IPv6UnlimitedUp to 1 Gbps€0.03/hour€9.99/month
Private Networks up to 10 Gbps for Elastic Metal serverIPv4 & IPv6UnlimitedUp to 10 Gbps€0.06/hour€19.99/month

Public Gateway

Automate configuration and enable communication between your Private Networks and the internet.

IncludedUp to 100 Mbps€0.0199/hour
IncludedUp to 1 Gbps€0.0802/hour

Load Balancer

Load Balancers ensure application scaling while guaranteeing high performance and availability.

NameMulticloudBackend serversTrafficBandwidthPrice
NoUnlimitedUnlimited200 Mbit/s€0.016/hour
NoUnlimitedUnlimited500 Mbit/s€0.037/hour
YesUnlimitedUnlimited1 Gbit/s€0.094/hour
YesUnlimitedUnlimited4 Gbit/s€0.941/hour

Domains and DNS

Manage all your DNS records and your zones from a single environment.

NamePrice per zonePrice per request
DNS per domain
€0.001 per hour5 millions included
Then €0.0005/million

Additional IP

Take advantage of additional IP addresses.

NameCompatible ProductDetailsPrice
Additional IP address
InstanceType: IPv4 IP per asset - 1 IP€0.004/hour
Additional IP address
Bare MetalType: IPv4 IP per asset - up to 64 IP Options included: Virtual MAC, Reverse DNS€0.004/hour