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Container Registry

A fully managed container registry, facilitating storage, management and deployment of container images


for your stored images
and €0.030/GB/mo.
for inter-regional
outgoing data transfer

High availability of your data

Your data is replicated, your business is safe!

Clear definition of privacy policies

Privacy policies can be defined at the namespace or image level, in public or private mode

Cost-effective pricing, pay-as-you-go

You only pay for the stored images and external or inter-regional bandwidth

Connected to your ecosystem

Container Registry allows you to manage both your Scaleway deployments and your external infrastructure

Different ways to use Container Registry

Build your CI/CD in a few clicks

Container Registry makes it easy for you to store, manage, and deploy container images. From development to production, free yourself of integration processes thanks to our managed Container Registry solution. Indeed, there is no need to administrate your registries or to worry about infrastructure sizing. We are in charge of grouping your images into logical units and guaranteeing their high availability (distribution on several hosts, redundancy, and scaling). In addition, thanks to our Load Balancer service, we also balance and distribute traffic load between the different instances of the Container Registry. Our managed solution allows you to quickly deploy your CI/CD system through a simplified user interface, but also thanks to an optimized Scaleway API.

Send and retrieve your images in a DevOps context

Thanks to our Container Registry solution, your DevOps team can work in a simplified and optimized development environment. Regardless of the OS you use, rest assured, you and your coworkers will always be working on the same version of the application thanks to Docker. This allows you to control the versioning process, as your entire team is synchronised in real-time. All you have to do is launch the latest version of your container.

Ideal with our Kubernetes Kapsule solution

To deploy your containers from our Container Registry, we launched Kubernetes Kapsule (Public Beta) at the same time! It is the ideal solution to quickly orchestrate the deployment of all your containerized applications in a flexible infrastructure. You no longer have to ask your infrastructure/network department to deploy a virtual machine; everything is managed. This means significant time-saving for your projects and full autonomy for your production management.

A pay-as-you-go pricing model

You only pay for the stored images and external or inter-regional bandwidth. Incoming bandwidth is free.


Stored images

Outgoing data transfer*

Incoming data transfer

Container Registry


Inter-regional: €0.03/GB/mo.

Intra-regional: free


Prices before tax. *Inter-regional: AMS ↔ PAR / Intra-regional: PAR ↔ PAR or AMS ↔ AMS.

Start Using Container Registry now

Scaleway Elements Container Registry Documentation

Follow step by step how to push your first image

Developer Tools

CLI, API, DevOps tools and more: Scaleway has designed a set of tools to support developers in the deployment, configuration, orchestration and automation of infrastructures, whatever their size and type.