Monitor your infrastructure and applications in minutes with a fully managed observability solution.

Centralize all your data.

Tired of juggling between dashboards? Our Cockpit service lets you connect and monitor all your metrics and logs from Scaleway, your applications, or any other cloud providers’ resources.

Enjoy an easy take off.

With Cockpit, creating a multi-cloud observability is super easy. Create your tokens, set up you API keys and you're good to go!

Control your expenses.

Cost management can be tricky when it comes to Observability. With our transparent pricing, you can easily control your expenses and plan accordingly.

Discover your new copilot

Multi-cloud by design

Cockpit can manage data from Scaleway, your applications or any other cloud providers’ applications.

Pre-built dashboards

Quickly dive into your resources' data! Thanks to pre-built dashboards, you can start monitoring your infrastructure or applications without any extra configuration.

Custom alert manager

With Scaleway's Cockpit, you have access to a customizable alert manager on Grafana, enabling you to configure your own alerts based on your resource's metrics/logs.

Powered by open source

Don't worry about being locked-in anymore! Cockpit is built on powerful and open-source technologies for logs and metrics ingestion, such as Grafana Loki or Mimir.

360° monitoring, at your fingertips

All your resources, in the same space

Using Cockpit you can easily monitor your resources from:

  • Your Scaleway infrastructure.
  • Your resources hosted on different cloud providers.
  • Your application data, whether they're running on Scaleway or another cloud provider.