Managed Services Pricing

Explore fully managed solutions like Web Hosting, Web Platform, Transactional Email, and Cockpit observability.


Cockpit is an Observability product that enables the monitoring of infrastructures and applications performance.

Cockpit pricing is based on both the volume of data ingested (see below) and the duration of data retention.

The default data retention duration for metrics is 1 month, and for logs is 1 week. Extended retention is available for €29 per month, which includes 12 months of retention for metrics and 1 month for logs.

Data Ingestion and queryingPrice
Scaleway's data
External data - Logs
€0.35 /GO
External data - Metrics
€0.15 /million samples

Transactional Email

Transactional Email (TEM)'s pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model: €0.25/1000 emails sent. You are billed based on the volume of emails sent. There are no subscriptions, no hidden costs and no minimum fees. We provide a free tier of 300 emails per month.

The maximum size of each message is set at 2 MB, any bigger messages are not sent. This includes headers, message content (including text and images), and attachments. Please keep in mind that when you send a single message to several recipients, each recipient counts as a single email so you pay for each recipient.

Number of transactional emailsPrice/1000 emails sent
1000 emails

Web Hosting

For individuals, professionals, and everyone in between. Managed, simple, scalable, and secure.

PlanvCPURAMDisk spacePrice
1 core1 GB10 GB SSD€5.99/month
2 cores1 GB50 GB SSD€9.99/month
4 cores2 GB100 GB SSD€18.99/month
8 cores8 GB250 GB SSD€29.99/month

IoT Hub

IoT Hub is a resilient and multi-protocol message broker with export capabilities. It comes in three flavors: shared, dedicated and highly-available.

PlanConnected DevicesIncluded MessagesAdditional MessagesPrice
10 included50,000 msg/month (~1 msg/min)€0.735/MillionFree
Unlimited2 millions msg/month (~50 msg/min)€0.735/Million€0.021/hour
High Availability
Unlimited10 millions msg/month (~250 msg/min)€0.735/Million€0.0525/hour