Web Platform powered by Clever Cloud

A secure, sustainable and fully managed way to ship your applications - only in a few clicks.

Focus on what really matters - Your code.

No server management or configuration deployments needed. Web Platform handles infrastructure and security management, so you don’t have to.

Accelerate your websites, applications, and MVPs, time to market.

Write your code, select your VM, push it via GitHub… and that’s it! Web Platform powered by Clever Cloud helps you ship your project and launch your business faster in the cloud.

Deploy in a sovereign cloud, with cutting edge sustainability technologies.

All Web Platform projects are hosted in DC5, a Paris-based data center using renewable energy and an adiabatic cooling system.


Fully managed services

Choose your runtime, configure add-ons, push your code and you’re ready to deploy! With Web Platform powered by Clever Cloud, shipping code only takes a few minutes.

Auto scaling + Auto healing

Anticipate traffic peaks by configuring horizontal and vertical scaling scenarios. Your application gets slower? Don’t worry! Web Platform will automatically restart/redeploy it.


Keep a close eye on your CPU, memory or disk usage with Web Platform dashboards and tools. Track incoming HTTP requests via our Access Logs feature.


Enjoy the most secure environment with automatic SSL certificates and automatic software updates

Create a website with no server management

1. Choosing your Domain Name

  1. Create a Scaleway account.
  2. From the Network category on the left menu, click Domains and DNS > Search a domain name.
  3. In the form, enter your domain in the form, select your extension and register your domain name.

    💡A domain name should be short, simple to type, and easy to remember. Learn more