Elastic Metal : Beryllium Range

Powerful, balanced and reliable servers for production-grade applications.

Production-grade environment

100% dedicated resources for your most intensive processing needs. Stable and reliable performance at all times.

Dual Intel Xeon CPUs

Intel Xeon processors offer game-changing performance thanks to cache memory and high processing power. They also boast excellent hyper-threading efficiency.

The right storage for your application

Choose from either fast SSD storage or large SATA HDD on the Beryllium range. Speed or size, the choice is yours.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2

Use cases

Web infrastructure (Apache, Nginx, LB)

Build professional-grade infrastructure engineered for high traffic volumes. Use our RPN to create Private Networks with up to 10Gbps of bandwidth. Add a Load Balancer to distribute your traffic or a Storage server to host large data volumes (images, videos, files, etc.).

Elastic Metal - Main features

Dedicated servers

100% dedicated to you. No virtualization. No overallocation. No neighbours. All the performance. Always. Just for you

Flexible billing

Hourly or monthly subscribtions. Scale up & down at your pace without breaking the bank.

Fast delivery

From purchase to production in 120 seconds.

Full integration in our cloud ecosystem

Supercharge your bare metal infrastructure with our complete cloud ecosystem

Private Networks & flexible IPs

Configure your own Private Networks and use flexible IPs to fit your architecture.

24/7 Technical support

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you.

What our customers say

Excellent mix between instances and dedicated servers

“Elastic Metal is an excellent mix between the ease of management of instances with the power of dedicated servers.”

Easy deployment and useful hourly billing

“It's pretty easy to deploy servers. Hourly scheme for payment is very useful if you don't need to have servers the whole time.”

Competitive price

“It is an easy way to set up dedicated servers in a few minutes with competitive prices”