Frequently Asked Questions

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Apple silicon M1 as-a-service
Discover how to use M1 for application development.
Discover billing methods, plans and pricing for Scaleway products.
Block Storage
Discover the difference between file storage and Block Storage and get answers to your performance and security concerns.
Cold Storage
Discover Scaleway Glacier and its features.
Container Registry
Discover Scaleway Container Registry.
Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQL
Discover Scaleway Managed Databases and how to access them for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
Managed Database for Redis™
Discover Scaleway Managed Databases and how to access it for Redis™.
Dedibox to Elements
Discover how to link your Dedibox servers to your Scaleway account.
Discover Scaleway Dedibox dedicated servers.
Discover DNS.
Elastic Metal servers
Discover Scaleway Elastic Metal servers.
Enterprise Instances
Discover Scaleway Enterprise Instances.
General Questions
Let us address the most common questions you have about your products, services, and brand as a whole.
Discover Scaleway Instances.
Discover IOT Hub.
Kubernetes Kapsule
Discover Kubernetes Kapsule and its pricing.
Load Balancer
Discover Scaleway Load Balancer and its multicloud feature.
New Object Storage Classes
Discover Standard Multi-AZ Object Storage classes.
Object Storage
Discover S3 Object Storage.
PRO2 Instances
Discover Scaleway PRO2 Instances.
Serverless Containers
Discover FaaS with Serverless Containers.
Discover Private Networks and Public Gateways.
Serverless Functions
Discover Serverless Functions and Serverless architecture.