Dedibox VPS

Dedibox VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an easy and
cost-effective way to build a point of presence
or expand your infrastructure internationally,
with more than 60 locations worldwide,
starting at €4.99/month.

Worldwide presence

With a global footprint spanning over 60 locations, Dedibox VPS offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to deploy your virtual infrastructure wherever your audience resides.

  • 60+ locations all around the world
  • Deployed in a few minutes

Instant performance

Turbocharge your projects with a wide choice of models with amazing performance and reliability, deployed in a few minutes.

  • 2 ranges and 12 configurations to fit perfectly to your need
  • Up to 1 Gbps bandwidth

Cost efficiency

Starting at only 4,99€/month, Dedibox VPS brings you top-notch performance without breaking the bank. Same price, same specs, all around the world.

  • Affordable monthly billing
  • No hidden fees

Use Cases

You're looking for a single server, cheap and easy, for his project or website, flexible alternative to an entry range Dedibox dedicated server.
Example: Website, Game server

Benefit from Dedibox VPS

  • Starting at 4,99€/month
  • Easy to manage
  • Up to 1 Gbps

For a service or an application that relies on proximity and low latency, or with the need to build a worldwide presence easily.
Example: VPN, CDN, Edge

Benefit from Dedibox VPS

  • One stop shopping
  • Same specs everywhere
  • Same price everywhere

For a business needing to expand its infrastrure and business internationally where its customers base is growing, without having to rely on multiple providers.
Example: SaaS Startup

Benefit from Dedibox VPS

  • 60+ location to choose from
  • All continents covered
  • Premium VPS

Dedibox VPS - Ranges


Starting at €4,99/month

  • Standard CPUs
  • Availability in 60+ AZ

Dedibox VPS PRO

Starting at €7,99/month

  • Premium CPUs
  • SSD NVMe
  • Availability in 20+ AZ

Dedibox VPS - Locations