Serverless Functions

  • Pricing per usage
    Pay only for the resources you use
  • Functions scaling
    Automatic scaling based on your workload
  • Serverless compute
    Run your code in the Cloud
  • Run most popular language
    Support for Node.js, Go, Python
  • Bring your current code & Lamba compatible
  • Zero infrastructure management
    No need to configure any server
  • Ecosystem-integrated
    Extend to other Scaleway services
Available regions
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Warsaw
  • 400,000 GB-s Free
  • Run code in a few clicks
  • Pay as you go
Memory usage€1.20ex. VAT/per 100k GB-s

Experience an easy way to run code on the cloud serverless architecture

Scaleway Functions is a serverless service for running your code without configuring or maintaining any infrastructure. Nothing to manage, Functions will scale automatically. You can create microservices with no server management, and you will only pay for the resources you use.

Included Features

  • Pricing per usage
  • No server management
  • Fully scalable
  • Support Node.js, Go, Python
  • Custom Domain
  • CRON or HTTP Trigger
  • Easily port your Lambdas
  • compatible

Why choose Scaleway Serverless Functions?

Consistent performance at any scale

Optimize code execution time by selecting the memory and vCPU needed for your function.  As traffic increases, your service will automatically adapt and scale to deliver seamless performance to your customers under heavy loads and highly available service.

Build applications quicker

Serverless computing allows the automatic and flexible scaling of your workload, allowing you to focus on building your applications instead of spending time managing your infrastructure.

Avoid lock-in, with open technology

Built on Knative, an open-source framework for Kubernetes, the functions can be deployed in several environments and thus avoid vendor lock-in. Your code can be deployed in the environment of your choice.

Run your code on the cloud easily without worrying about infrastructure

Outstanding features of Scaleway Serverless Functions

Pricing per usage

You are billed based on the number of requests and consumed resources (memory). You only pay when your functions are running, and the billing is done to the hundredth second.

No Server Management

Serverless Functions runs your code without you needing to provision or manage any infrastructure. Write your code, transfer it to Serverless Functions, and it runs automatically.

Supports various languages

Come with your own code, we support Node.js, Go and Python. You can choose the programming language of your choice and fit your application scenarios.

Fully scalable

Once deployed, your code is managed by Serverless Functions which handles all infrastructure management and scale up or down resources automatically, even from zero.

CRON & HTTP Trigger

Integrate runtime triggers on your functions, so your applications run at a specific time or at specified intervals. HTTP or CRON requests can trigger functions to execute tasks or workflows.

Custom Domain

Set up custom domain names rather than using the default address provided by Serverless services. Map your services to the domain you need to allocate to your Functions.

Highly compatible

To facilitate the portability of your functions, Serverless Function is built on the open-source standard Knative. It is also compatible with the framework and uses similar patterns as the AWS Lambda function.

Enhanced developer experience

Simplify the developer experience with Serverless Functions, giving more flexibility in development logic. Serverless Architecture allows developers to focus on the design of their applications, not infrastructure management. Its user-friendly interface enables you to quickly deploy and manage your services.

Popular Use Cases with Serverless Functions

Automate IT operations

Focus on high added-value activities by automating your infrastructure management operations, such as provisioning, scaling, and cleaning, using Serverless Functions, Scaleway API and CRON Jobs.

Integrate third-party services

Use Serverless Function to integrate third-party services and extend the capabilities of your applications. Functions can trigger their own microservices to provide capabilities such as sending confirmation emails, SMS, or triggering a payment.

File & data processing

Execute code to process data or transform files stored on Object Storage as scheduled or in response to triggers.

Learn and explore with documentation tutorials and serverless guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scaleway Serverless Functions?

Serverless Functions is a service which enables you to execute small components (functions, code snippets) in the cloud with no need for server management.

Why should I use Serverless Functions?

If you want to deploy simple functions or components (either in a microservices application, to automate cloud operation, or to connect services).

What use cases does Scaleway Functions support?

We recommend using Scaleway Functions to handle asynchronous tasks such as media or data transformation, infrastructure management automation. If your use case requires low latency, you can provision resources using the minimum scale feature.

What are the available runtimes?

For now we only support NodeJS (10 and 14), Python3 and Golang, but we are planning to add other languages. If you want to speed up the deployment of a specific language runtime, you can contribute to our GitHub project

What is the pricing of Serverless Functions?

The Serverless Functions pricing scheme has three components:
  • Number of Requests: Number of times that a request is executed for a given function.
  • Resources consumption: Every time your function is called, we measure the time taken by your function to handle the request, then multiply it by the chosen memory tiers, in GB.
  • Provisioned resources: If you want to reduce the cold start latency of your function, you can choose to provision resources by setting a minimum function scale, we will then keep the required number of functions ready to handle incoming requests.

Read our documentation for more information

Can I deploy a Serverless Function using

We created a plugin that enables you to deploy your functions using, read our documentation for more information

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