Serverless Functions

Experience an easy way to run your code on the cloud.

Build scalable services

Optimize code execution time by selecting the memory and vCPU needed for your function. As traffic increases, your service will automatically adapt and scale to deliver seamless performance to your customers.

Build applications quicker

Serverless Functions allows the automatic and flexible scaling of your workload, allowing you to focus on building your applications instead of spending time managing your infrastructure.

Multi-cloud compatible

Your functions run on Knative, the open-source serverless framework for Kubernetes. They'll work with any provider, on any machine.

Popular use cases

Automate IT operations

Focus on high added-value activities by automating your infrastructure management operations, such as provisioning, scaling, and cleaning.

Key features

Usage-based pricing

Billing is dependent on the number of requests and consumed resources (memory). Only pay when your functions are running.

Scalable & No servers

Serverless Functions runs your code without you needing to provision or manage any infrastructure.
Write your code, transfer it to Serverless Functions, and it runs and scales up or down automatically.

Supports various languages

We support Node.js, Go, Python, PHP and Rust. You can choose your programming language to fit your application scenarios.

Custom domains

Choose the domains associated with Serverless Functions and map your services to the domain you need to allocate to your functions.


Trigger your function using synchronous HTTP calls to the function URL, Schedule execution using CRON or start your function asynchronously using message queues and event-driven patterns.

Secret Management

Integrate sensitive information into your Serverless Functions/Containers using encrypted environment variables. Securely integrate sensitive information into your Functions/Containers.