Kubernetes Kosmos

A unique way to launch pods and streamline
your K8s workload availability by leveraging multiple providers.

Start your multi-cloud strategy today

K8s Kosmos is a unique way to engage your multi-cloud strategy. We are the only provider to offer a managed Kubernetes that allows you to run pods across multiple cloud providers’ resources. You can host your pods on Scaleway Instances, or on resources from any other cloud provider of your choice, including private cloud servers.

Create your clusters "à la carte"

Depending on your requirements and use cases, you can use any server, from any cloud provider, or even your Raspberry Pi, as Kubernetes nodes. Scaleway handles your Kubernetes management, and lets you choose the Instances that best meet your needs.

Next-level application redundancy

With Kubernetes Kosmos, we offer a superior level of redundancy for your applications, allowing them to become multi-AZ, multi-region and even multi-cloud provider. This also enables you to leverage cloud resources from multiple providers according to your needs.

K8s use cases

Enhance your workload portability

Manage multiple providers within the same cluster and benefit from improved workload portability. Your teams will be able to move workloads across multiple cloud environments in just a few clicks.

Kubernetes Kosmos key features

Deploy cross-provider clusters

Deploy your applications across multiple cloud providers using their infrastructure resources. This unique solution allows you to mix Scaleway and external node pools in a single Kubernetes cluster, and manage all your pools with a single access point.

Create nodes with any cloud provider

Scaleway allows you to attach nodes from any cloud provider to your managed K8s engine, making the management of your multi-cloud pools, nodes, and applications easier. You can spread your pods over different servers, depending on your application needs.

Buffer your workload with a Scaleway pool

Duplicate your workload with a Scaleway pool to allow your applications to auto-scale. If a need arises on one of your applications, the Scaleway pool will take over to allow your workloads to scale, so you can spend your valuable time adapting the configuration of your cluster.

Cross-provider scalability & stability

Mirror applications or split microservices across vendors. Bring high availability to a whole new level by replicating your deployments around the globe. You do not need to choose one provider, one region, or one data center to trust with your workload, you can distribute it everywhere and lower the risk of failure.

Highly-available control plane

Benefit from Kuberentes Kapsule’s redundant control plane architecture, which has been successfully running thousands of production environments in General Availability since early 2019.
Discover also our Dedicated Control Plane for heavy workload and business critical applications

Fully managed & redundant control plane

Your control plane and all of its components are redundant and replicated across our internal architecture cluster. Free yourself from the management of Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager, K8s API server, and all Kubernetes services.