IoT Hub

A purpose-built bridge between your connected hardware and your cloud infrastructure.

Compatible with open standards

We support the most widely used protocols: MQTT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, REST and Websockets.


Start with our shared free plan, and then move to a dedicated or highly available IoT Hub for mission-critical projects.


Keep track of your devices' current and desired states, even when they are offline. Transmit data to other services your application relies on.

IoT use cases

Smart building/smart city

Connect millions of devices and query their Twins to optimize your resource's usage in terms of energy, water, occupancy, public transportation, and much more.

Key features

IoT Networks

Connect devices securely through your preferred protocol: MQTT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, REST, Websockets.

Message dispatching

Using a publish/subscribe pattern, the IoT Hub distributes messages between devices and applications, in a plug-and-play fashion. It can also forward messages to other services.

Cloud Twins

Twins are virtual representations of devices allowing for their asynchronous query and control. They remain in the cloud and are always available for applications.

Device provisioning

Scaling up a device fleet is easy. With auto-provisioning, a not-yet-known device with a valid certificate can be automatically registered as an IoT Hub device.