Kubernetes Application Library

Application Library

GitLab Server / Runner

Deploy the most complete DevOps platform with Kubernetes. GitLab provides a complete CI/CD toolchain in a single application through a Git repository manager including a wiki, issue tracking, and continuous integration and deployment pipeline features.

Deploy GitLab


Jenkins is the leading open-source automation server, it provides support to build, test, deploy, and automate IT projects thanks to hundreds of plugins. Launch it now on Kubernetes for a scalable infrastructure.

Deploy Jenkins


Create a Vault. A well-known project from HashiCorp that secures, stores, and controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data.

Deploy Vault


Handle large amounts of data streams from multiple sources and deliver them to multiple endpoints in real time. Kubernetes is the perfect platform to easily deploy data with our package configured for you.

Deploy Kafka

Bitnami WordPress

The most famous blog tool, publishing platform, and content management system (CMS). With WordPress, the open-source software, you can create a beautiful website, blog, or application.

Deploy WordPress


Deploy your own ERP with Odoo, a suite of open-source business apps that covers everything your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management.

Deploy Odoo

Launch a Wordpress easily

Frequently asked questions

We developed Application Library to allow Kubernetes users to integrate Helm charts and kubectl configurations in a few clicks, directly from the Scaleway console. With the Application Library feature, you can easily create pre-configured container images based on Helm charts in a matter of seconds.
We provide a list of pre-configured applications that you can deploy in a few clicks.
Such as Gitlab, Wordpress, RabbitMq, Kafka, etc. Find out more on the console.

When you wish to start integrating applications or services with Kubernetes, it can quickly become a long and tedious process if you do it manually.
It gets even worse if you have to install and configure services on multiple nodes. This complexity might increase when you have multiple environments, applications, and services within your cluster. As you have to repeat operations, these can be very time-consuming.
With Application Library, we help you to facilitate deployment and avoid repeating the installation and configuration operations for each application. Our Application Library has been reviewed by the Scaleway Kubernetes team and community.

Indeed, the deployment script is fully transparent, you can access it on the console after choosing the application(s) you need, then you can change the script to fit your deployment.

Application Library is free of charge but the products that you are deploying have their own billing methods.
Typically Kapsule is free of charge, the Instances, Load Balancer and Database-as-a-service are billed separately by the hour.

Yes, we always keep our Application Library up-to-date in order to meet market and user needs.
You can submit new ideas to our Product team through Slack Community on the Kubernetes channel or on our features request page.